Opening for a Responsible Housekeeper

As owners of a vacation rental home in Tahoe-Donner, we appreciate your effort to respond to our ad in the Sierra Sun.

We are looking for a responsible housekeeper for our vacation home at Tahoe/Donner, to clean after occasional vacation renter stays (about 40 cleans per year).  The house has about 2200 sq.ft. and has 4 Bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. 

Our maximum occupancy is 8 people, including children, but we offer significant discounts for smaller groups and sometimes have only one couple renting, who then only use the upstairs of the house (MBR, guest Bath, LR/kitchen, and laundry room).  Positively no pets and no smoking.

The house has a hot tub which the housekeeper is expected to "feed" with bromine tablets and water, if the level is low. 

We give our renters two cleaning fee options: for a lower fee, they will wash, dry, and fold all linens and towels used from our supplies; and for a higher fee they leave this to the housekeeper.  We have two dryers. 

Renters will leave all beds they used unmade and for the housekeeper to make.  Housekeeper will clean all used bathrooms and the kitchen, and vacuum as necessary (wall-to-wall carpeting).

The house is located high up on Skislope, which makes it quite essential that the housekeeper has a 4WD vehicle.  However, our street access is level, and we contract snow removal service.

We are looking for a housekeeper who has a reliable calendaring system and can communicate with us via e-mail or texting.  Whenever new rentals are booked, we will immediately communicate the dates, occupancy, and cleaning option they chose to the housekeeper, so he/she can enter the new cleaning date into their calendar.  We will look for housekeeper comments regarding renter damages noticed, and regarding requests for replenishing supplies which we will promptly arrange.  

Our renter check-in and check-out times are 3:00 PM and 11:00 AM, respectively.  It can occasionally happen that check-out and check-in are on the same day, and the housekeeper will then have to be prepared to do the cleaning between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


We prefer to be billed by the hour (not by cleaning event) and will pay within a day or two after receipt of the housekeeper's informal invoice. As our housekeeper you do not need to be incorporated, insured, or bondedYour name and identity will not be disclosed to our renters, and you will not be expected to interact with them in any way.  For tax purposes, at year end we will issue a Form 1099-misc to you.  We expect this to become a long-term professional housekeeping relationship.

If you are interested in becoming our Housekeeper, please respond below:

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