Abadiania/Brazil Travel & Excursion Information

Visit Spiritually Significant Monuments in Brasilia

The Templo da Boa Vontage  ("Temple of Good Will") is the most visited monument of the Brazilian Capital.  We highly recommend spending a couple of hours there.  Admission is free, except for a very nominal fee to visit the Egyptian Crypt.  Make sure to walk the spiral in the pyramid.

An optional visit to the Temple of Good Will can quite conveniently be arranged on the departure day from Abadiania.  It is located just a few minutes away from the International Airport and open every day until 8PM.  Since many international flights depart between 10PM and midnight, the timing for such a visit from 6-8PM is practical, and the ad-on cost to the taxi ride is minimal. 

Sight-seeing of Brasilia on the return travel day can be extended to include the architecturally famous Cathedral of Brasilia and the breath-taking Santuario Dom Bosco.  This is the famous "Blue Church," which is dedicated to the Italian Saint Dom Bosco who envisioned in the late 19th century building a utopian city in South America that would become the the center of a rule of justice and care for the people.  It is always open.  Plan another two hours to include these grandiose experiences.  We will arrange these visits for you, should you so desire.

An optional visit to the Cathedral, the Blue Church, and the Temple of Good Will offers the opportunity of an sensible transition from the spiritual atmosphere of Abadiania to the hectic atmosphere of air travel and life back home.

Excursion to Pirenopolis

Pirenopolis is a small picturesque town about 40 miles from Abadiania.  Most of the marble and stone used in the construction of Brasilia (1955-61), as well as for current construction in the area, have come from Pirenopolis.  On weekends, Pirenopolis is a favorite travel destination for people living in Brasilia and surroundings. Cobble stone paved roads contribute to the charming atmosphere of this small town.  There are numerous pousadas (small hotels), boutiques, gift shops, and restaurants.  Pirenopolis is also an ideal place for buying souvenirs, jewelry, and the colorful fabrics for which Brazil is famous. 

An excursion to Pirenopolis can be extended with a visit to the nearby famous 4-stage waterfalls, approximately 5 miles out of town.  A nature walk of about 3/4 miles leads to the first and lowest of these waterfalls, and the other ones can then be reached in short succession via an increasingly steep trail.  There is a pool of water for safe bathing and swimming in each waterfall basin. 

For an excursion to Pirenopolis we will typically leave Abadiania by taxi around 10 am, walk around old-town Pirenopolis with some time for shopping, and go back to Abadiania after a buffet lunch in one of the affordable, typical Brazilian buffet-style local restaurants.  Going to the waterfall would take about 3-4 additional hours and reasonably good physical condition.  There is a modest entry fee to the park/facienda where the waterfalls are located.

An ideal day for an optional excursion to Pirenopolis may be the Saturday before the group's departure back home, after all the Casa de Dom Inacio healing oriented proceedings have been completed.  However, we offer such optional excursion only if it seems appropriate, considering the actual status of healing experience of our group members.   

Obtaining your Visa to Brazil

US and Canadian citizens need a visa for Brazil.  It is mandatory to obtain the visa prior to the date of travel.  Cost is approximately US$200.  A tourist visa is usually valid for 10 years.  Maximum stay limitations are:
--- any single stay must less than 90 days;
--- cumulative stays must be less than 180 days per year. 

We recommend to obtain the visa from an authorized visa agency, such as Visa Express.  We found their modest service fee well worth while.  Be prepared to send your passport, one passport photo, and the on-line filled out request form to the agency and allow 2-4 weeks for visa processing.  Travelers living close to one of the few Brazilian Consulates in the United States, such as in San Francisco, Miami, or New York, may also consider obtaining their visa in person there.  See also AbadianiaPortal.com as a good resource regarding obtaining your visa.  

Citizens of most European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, etc., as well as New Zealand (but not Australia), do not need a tourist entry visa for Brazil, but they are bound to the same maximum stay requirements.  The visa to Brazil survives the validity of your passport. Simply show your expired passport with the valid visa.

This information is volatile and subject to change at any time.  See here for detailed current information.

Travel Insurance

We have personally never experienced a situation where travel insurance coverage would have been an advantage.  But we perform our guiding service in compliance with the Casa de Dom Inacio Guides guidelines and not only suggest but actually require that our group members, in their own best interest, carry an appropriate travel insurance. You can find a good option here.  We also recommend Travel Insured International (1-800 243-3174) in Connecticut, USA; but there are other reasonable choices on the Internet, as well as insurances you can buy in conjunction with your airline ticket.  Some, but not all, carriers have age and preexisting health condition restrictions.  

Consider that the most important coverage you want to purchase is “Emergency Medical/Dental and Medical Evacuation /Repatriation” coverage, but not necessarily the relatively expensive “trip cancellation coverage,” which would essentially only address the relatively minor expense you would incur with your airline if you had to change the date of your travel for covered reasons. If you do not want “cancellation coverage,” tell the agent, who wants to persuade you to buy that coverage (because that’s where they make their profit), that your trip cost is zero.  Ask for a "Worldwide Trip Protector Policy."

Warranties and Representations

Usually two or three times per year John of God travels to facilitate healing programs in foreign countries. The exact travel dates are usually not announced more than about three months ahead of time.  But they fall typically in the same general time frame each year, and we make every effort to schedule our travel dates so a conflict is unlikely and when John of God is not on travel and will likely be in Abadiania.  In the eventuality that there is a change of his travel schedule, we will as soon as possible adjust our travel dates accordingly.

It is also conceivable and has occasionally happened, that John of God, who is in his mid seventies, will, for other reasons, be unable to perform his services on one or more scheduled Casa Days. 

Generally, during scheduled and the very rare unscheduled absences of Joao de Deus, the Current sessions at the Casa de Dom Inacio will continue to take place as they do on every Casa Day, and the Entities will be present to do their healings on all those people who are present.  It is said that the energies have been beautiful and rewarding on the few days when this has happened in the past.

However, we cannot be liable for last-minute changes and unforeseen absences of Joao de Deus, and we will be unable to refund any monies paid, or expenses incurred, for travel to Abadiania on dates when, for any reason, Joao de Deus could not be present.  

Similarly, it is conceivable that we ourselves may be unable, such as for health reasons, to undertake the planned and advertised travel to Abadiania.  In that case we will make every effort to find a substitute Official Casa de Dom Inacio Guide who will take our place.  We will, however, be unable to refund any monies you may have paid, or any expenses incurred, in the event that you are not satisfied with the alternative guiding option we will then arrange for you.  

 All information in this website is copyrighted. 9/2015

All information in this website is copyrighted.