At Sea Ranch, California

At Sea Ranch, California

AWE -- Accelerated Well-being Experience:
Why this Name?

Healing is an awe-inspiring gift from the divine dimension. We chose the name for our Healing Guidance activities, “AWE-Accelerated Well-Being Experience,” as an acronym for our vocation, which is to be facilitators of our clients’ experience of accelerated well-being. The English language conveniently facilitates this acronym.  


The word “healer” is often misunderstood and misused. The person facing health challenges is the one who connects to the Field of Unlimited Potential and receives the free and abundant healing energies from there.  Therefore, he/she is the healer, not the person who facilitates the process.  A sense of awe and wonder, a trust in the miracle that keeps us going day-in and day-out, the faith to be supported by the field of unlimited potential that wants to help anyone who asks, are key to allowing the desired positive outcome, “health, or return to well-being” to materialize.

We can learn a lot from children who have their innate sense of awe and wonder still very much alive.  Their imagination is strong.  They thrive hearing fairy tails.  For them, myths are real, miracles are ordinary.  What we adults consider the “Beyond” is more real for them then what our conditioned minds inappropriately suggest to be real.

Modern, progressive science has come to the point of understanding that, in order to accelerate well-being and have dreams come true, we have to connect to a sense of magic. The Great Masters of the ages, the Saints and Mystics, knew this all along.  They had this connection to the Field of Unlimited Potential, and unusual occurrences became ordinary in their presence.  

Let us humbly acknowledge and align with our Source and remember that there is much more than our 5 senses can take in.  The invisible realm is active in our reality with best intentions for our well-being, if we allow it to do so, rather than trying to come up with rational explanations for everything we get to experience.  There is always more, there is always reason to marvel at new discoveries, more and more.  The most prominent scientists in their field today openly acknowledge just that, as they continue to diligently find explanations for why and how things work in what we call life.  It is often their sense of awe, wonder, and imagination that sets them on the path to leading edge discoveries, only to find out, and admit, that mystery remains, and more discoveries are yet in store.  Being in AWE accelerates discoveries and well-being.  

All information in this website is copyrighted.  2/2019

All information in this website is copyrighted.