At Sea Ranch, California

At Sea Ranch, California

Which Healing Modality is the Best?

Should I sign up for a Reiki treatment?  Or Quantum-Touch?  Or Matrix Energetics? Pranic Healing? Yuen Method?  Which modality should I choose?  Which one is the "best"? In this article, we discuss this question from the perspective of our understanding of spirituality and the Field of Unlimited Possibilities.  Part of this discussion is excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design."  


Gundi was recently asked to comment on how the use of Quantum-Touch and Reiki could benefit each other. She responds:

"Since 1998, after having been introduced to Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon, the founder of this work, I have used this healing art modality successfully with hundreds of people. They all received immediate benefits.

Quantum Touch, in its original form, is easily learned and very invigorating for the practitioner as well as for the client. Pain becomes released quickly, bones move into place, the innate healing ability of the client gets seemingly effortlessly turned on. Quantum Touch uses basic breathing techniques, combined with visualization tools to amplify the life force energy moving through the recipient, as well as the practitioner.  In the process where the energies meet, the receiver and giver notice benefits immediately.

As is often the case after learning an empowering wellness-promoting “tool,” I became curious how Quantum-Touch compares to other modalities and wondered if it could be combined with them.  I became a Reiki Master,  studied with three different Reiki Masters and was very inspired by the Reiki method, which connects the practitioner to a rich ancient, spiritual tradition coming from Japan to the West. Since Quantum Touch, with its empowering breathing methods and enhancing ways to visualize, allows "running energy" automatically (after some time of practice), the QT practitioner can very naturally combine Quantum Touch with Reiki or any other modality.  Richard Gordon emphasized that the effect of Quantum-Touch could be like turbo-charching, accelerating whatever modality someone might be applying. 

Why then can Reiki and QT be combined so well, you might wonder? The breathing applied in QT puts the practitioner in a state of higher awareness, where one feels energized, stays grounded, and remains protected by the life force energy to not take on undesirable energies  from the client.  The latter is a common  concern of healing arts practitioners. They do not want to become depleted, weak, or impaired in any way by their services.  Richard Gordon states that QT ensures this in a powerful way, as long as the practitioner applies the recommended breathing technique.

During a thorough, full-body combined QT/Reiki treatment procedure, the Reiki symbols can effortlessly and naturally be placed where needed, while the Quantum Touch breathing and visualization tools keep the process at maximized effectiveness. If a Reiki Master has time and resources to invest in only one additional modality, I highly recommend to choose Quantum-Touch Level 1. Similarly, I consider it quite congenial for a QT practitioner to become a Reiki Master.  With an investment in only one weekend class for each modality, the practitioner is on the way to do powerful, empowering work that will benefit self, others, as well as projects, or issues of the planet at large which one might wish to positively affect. Why not emanate the vision of the re-discoverer of the ancient Reiki healing art, of Dr. Usui, and combine it with QT for the benefit of the larger whole! There is no doubt in my mind it will help us to move closer to create the world we all so very much desire."

On the other hand, and more generally, the healing arts practitioner needs to understand the all-important difference between “third-dimensional” actions and “forth-dimensional” activities. We have addressed this important distinction between two principles in a separate feature article. Of overriding importance in all healing activities is the intention of the practitioner, much more so that his or her perfection with which the modality is applied. A healing arts practitioner who approaches the client with genuine love and intend for the best outcome for the client, with the humble realization that he/she is only a channel for the Divine energies to materialize in the client, will in the end most certainly be more effective than the healer who is versed in numerous modalities but lacks in the virtue of love and compassion.

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All information in this website is copyrighted.