How Clients, Group Members and Seminar Participants Responded

Below are some of the many client responses we have received from people participating in our events and offerings.  We do not solicit feedback, but it honors us when clients care to voice it. 


“Medium João was not sitting in his chair or anywhere onsite during my first visit to Abadiania. I was, at first, apprehensive to come, due to the unexpected interruption to his role as the medium of the Casa de Dom Inacio. However, I know from trusted spiritual partners that the entities are working still in Abadiania, and, more specifically at the Casa de Dom Inacio, even without João. I found this to be undeniably true. I have felt, on innumerable occasions since my arrival, the healing support of the entities. My healing has unfolded on a variety of meaningful levels (like all the the notable literature and first hand accounts say). I am reluctant, now, to leave this place. My spiritual trajectory has been reinforced by those who know and understand how the entities work. Abadiania and the Casa de Dom Inacio is the vortex that I was hoping to encounter. Even without João, at this juncture, healing is unfolding exponentially in Abadiania.”

P.B. (Bay Area, CA, referring to a "Guided travel to Abadianiain late December, 2018)


"I think the treatment opened up a big huge healing door, for the last 2 days all the joints in my back, legs arms kept rearranging, as I felt the muscles relaxing - and yet it has all been super peaceful and grounding, I noticed how I didn't have to go in my head or work hard to release!  Feels like both my back and my consciousness are relaxing with much more ease and playfulness! 
You said it would take about a week, so I am still waiting for things to unravel!  Last night I really felt this energy of regeneration (that was probably blocked, and your treatment removed the blocks).  🌸☀❤THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! ❤🐣🎼

O.M. (Mountain View, CA, referring to a "Raindrop" Aroma-Therapy session in Sunnyvale)


Klaus and Gundi have taken their many years of studying numerous different healing modalities and put together a practical and simple "cook book" of recipes to test and apply as each may speak to you.  Words limit the gratitude I feel for this workshop.  It was extremely rich and fulfilling beyond expression -- only through the experience can one appreciate their gift.  Thank you -- thank you -- thank you!"

C.M. (Davis, CA, referring to an AWE-Workshop in Sunnyvale)


"A weekend full of blessings, full of knowledge, full of acceptance.  A wealth of wisdom shared gracefully and beautifully.  I put this to practice immediately when I was strong and resolute, realizing that a part of me had always been "afraid to be seen."  Today I was strong and proud to be me."

C.K. (Walnut Creek, CA, referring to an AWE-Workshop in Sunnyvale)


"I came into this workshop with little prior knowledge about healing modalities. I was a bit skeptical. But this seminar turned my perception around 180 degrees.  I felt the energy going through my hands.  The information that was given exceeded my expectations.  Klaus and Gundi combined decades of research and taught us the most important parts of it. I am extremely grateful for this amazing experience.  Thank you so much!"

A.S. (Thousand Oaks, CA, referring to an AWE-Workshop in Sunnyvale)


"Thank you, Gundi and Klaus! The information I received this weekend has greatly exceeded my expectations.  I am coming home with knowledge of many healing modalities to use in my healing arts practice.  I am especially grateful for your explanation of the Yuen Method which enables decisive, direct healing."

T.V. (Newbury Park, CA, referring to an AWE-Workshop in Sunnyvale)


  • We received far more than the numerous useful healing tools; all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional received uplifting and fine-tuning in a unique way.

  • I took the AWE seminar twice before but came again for additional empowerment. I had a deep transforming experience this time. Perhaps I was more ready and more receptive.

  • Inspiring, uplifting, energizing, expansive, thought provoking, empowering, resonating with my core -- these are some of the characteristics I would describe the seminar with.

  • Guidance from the field of unlimited potential was felt strongly throughout the retreat.

  • The seminar was a gift of truth, beauty and goodness in a deep way.

  • The best gift I could have given myself in the midst of a group of very special people.

  • I felt empowered.

  • I highly recommend the AWE experience. No doubt, it will “accelerate well-being.”

  • I felt affirmed to see my own magnificence and am ready to share it as I move forward.

  • We liked the detailed seminar manual and greatly appreciated the numerous handouts with clear references to the various modalities as they were presented.

Participants' comments, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"... I felt as though I had found "my people" in Gundi and Klaus Heinmann."

T.S. (Mill Valley, CA, referring to a healing workshop in Sunnyvale)


"... Spending time with you when I attended the AWE with you at Sea Ranch, was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. You imparted to me the spirit that healing was love and anyone could be a healer, we only need the intention to help others. You live the simplicity of the spirit in true humility, giving the glory always to God. "God in us, the hope of Glory." From you I understand that the spirit in me will lead and guide me if I stay close and inspired, to use my intuition and intention to help more than following the law or book of any modality.
Quantum touch I learned
[earlier] from the book. You [Gundi, in a subsequent Quantum-Touch class] imparted the spirit.
I like to be led of the spirit. What I am doing now, is a synthesis or combination of all I have learned, plus my own unique way of perceiving it. What I learned from you and every other great teacher that has touched my heartis that healing is a gift, we all have it, we just have to let Holy Spirit attune us by desiring to use it to help others. The different modalities teach us techniques on how to activate it.
The above quote explains the way I feel.  I wrote down from one of the folder of information you gave me when I attended the retreat.  It really spoke to my heart, "While we are grateful to Dr Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs Takata, for having passed on the art of Reiki to us, our gratitude is also, in consequence with our own spiritual rooting, toward the Holy Spirit who makes this healing energy indiscriminately available.  Reiki energy does not discriminate between those who hold degrees and those who don't!  It is available to each and everyone of us who sincerely desires to use it. The emphasis is on sincerity and intention. It's up to everyone of us to transcend from Reiki as a tool to Rei-ki as life energy graced onto us and onto those whom we serve."
Thanks for being a part of my life and my journey."

J.P. (Chile, referring an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"... Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat and teachings. Thank you for opening your beautiful house and allow us to submerge into the peaceful light and love that we felt there. Wow! What an experience that was. I am very blessed to have you in my life and to have you as a teacher and mentor. I have so much more clarity about the direction my life is taking, this has been a very mentally powerful week. In the sense that I .... have been able to carve the plan that I want to implement moving forward. I am very thankful that you interacted with us in such a loving and caring way, your delicacy with the different subjects and conversations is something that left a big footprint on my heart. THANK YOU!!!
... Once again, thank you for being such amazing beautiful spirits of love and light, thank you for your love and kindness, thank you for sharing your light with the world and thank you for the beautiful love you feel for each other. You guys are the true essence of love in manifestation. Super proud to have you in this life."

L.O. (Alamo, CA, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"Gundi is a wonderful teacher. Kind, wise, patient and an expert in Quantum Touch. I highly recommend her. 
I really enjoyed the discussions and interaction with my fellow students as well."

M.P.G. (Los Altos, CA, referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop rated "excellent")


"My overall experience was excellent, and she was so kind and gentle and her home was full of spirit energy."

F.S. (Salinas, CA, referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop rated "excellent")


"Another magical weekend at your beautiful place, with experiences even deeper than before! 
Coming back from a long walk along the beach yesterday, it dawned on me all of a sudden that I have never felt this relaxed in my entire life!  So I am taking this back with me!  Along with the joyfulness, the trails, the deer, red sunset, and all the wisdom and love you poured into us the whole weekend ... "

O.M. (Mountain View, CA, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"A special thank you for opening your beautiful home to welcome all of us and passing on your healing knowledge. You have spent a lot of time accumulating all these different healing methods. ... "

S. G. (Palo Alto, CA, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"Ich bin voller Dankbarkeit -- dies war ein Wochenende / AWE Retreat, das einen weiteren Knotenpunkt in meinem Leben darstellt. Der Weg wqird klarer; Eure Weisheit und Mentorship in diesem Jahr haben mein inneres und äußeres Leben in Quantensprüngen vorwärts bewegt ... Casa Pacis is a little slice of heaven! "

S. G.-S. (Fairfield, CA, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"Vielen Dank für ein Super-Wochenende in Sea Ranch und dem einmaligen AWE Retreat. Bereichernd, erneuernd, mit neuen Weisheiten gesegnet -- erfrischt von Ozean, hikes, beach combing, group hugs, ceremonies, much laughter, and joy -- weiter im Leben ... es hat uns sooo gut gefallen ..."

M. & K. I. (Fairfield, CA, referring to an AWE Retreat)


"Mit viel Fürsorge, Hingabe und Liebe habt Ihr ein neues Kapitel auf unserer Lebensreise eröffnet.  ... Dieses Erlebnis mit Joao de Deus, Eure Begleitung, die zusätzlichen und erweiternden Abende bei Euch ... haben diese zwei Wochen unvergesslich gemacht.  Gott und die Entities (und Orbs) sind uns sehr nahe gekommen ..."

E. & S. L. (referring to a Pilgrimage to John of God in Brazil)


"This was my third Quantum Touch class I have had with Gundi. I feel these are really wellness events, where my energy is revitalized.  I meet amazing people with wonderful gifts, who I am convinced I would never meet otherwise, and I am uplifted.  I always leave better than when I came!  Wellness involves relaxing, and Gundi provides an atmosphere that is relaxing for energy to flow optimally.  She has fine tuned these classes and teaches them effortlessly.  She is also a marvelous hostess, and students relax and get to know each other around Gundi's very generous kitchen with healthy food and drinks.  I feel blessed to know about Klaus and Gundi and the wonderful classes they teach throughout the year.." 

L.C., Carmichael, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop in Sunnyvale)


"The workshop was extremely uplifting and I felt that everything was possible!   Thank you everyone!  It was a beautiful experience!" 

J.C., Monterey, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop in Sunnyvale)


"This is the third time I have taken QT-1 workshop.  Each one has been a wonderful and different experience, and in each I have learned something new.  I will continue to use QT techniques as it has been so beneficial to my family and friends.  
Great healing with great people." 

H.S., Los Altos, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop in Sunnyvale)


"Yes! What a blessing to be aware, I am full of gratitude for our energies merging, dancing and working together for love, healing and harmony. I feel empowered, uplifted, nurtured and wholesome, my heart is lighter, my mood improved and I even think I grew an inch or so, thanks to the adjustments!!
I feel that we have created a synergistic healing vibration we are always linked to and can call upon or evoke anytime we might need to. Thank you!

Thank you Gundi for sharing your knowledge and providing a space for all to grow :)
Love, love, love." 

S.B., Forestville, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop in Sunnyvale)


"I had a really great time and have been experiencing a difference in my mental mood and emotional mood.  I am feeling a lot better since the class.  It was so much fun.  Thank you inviting me into your home.  I'm so glad I experienced this." 

T.B., San Francisco, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop in Sunnyvale)


"The weekend was filled with powerful tools and strategies for expanding consciousness and manifesting love and healing. What more can we ask for?" 

P. S., Santa Rosa, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"... I am very inspired about what I have learned and experienced." 

E.L, Marin, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"Thank for opening yet another doorway for me to a reality that is much greater than I thought it would be." 

O.M. Mountain View, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"Klaus and Gundi are both an example to aspire to. My husband and I are relaxed and grateful for the days at Sea Ranch. I felt the power of unconditional love flow to me and through me while I was here." 

R.S., Healdsburg, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"The one thing I know about myself is I have great karma to have Klaus and Gundi in my life.  They have been my guides to Abadiania, Brazil twice, where I have had spiritual and physical healings from John of God.  Klaus is detailed oriented and assited me with the many details of travel that would have made this trip very difficult on my own, including obtaining my visa.  Theyare amazing transformative spiritual guides that continue to help me in my spiritual growth and ground me in all of my encounters with them.  They have helped guide me through the 'Dark Night of the Soul,' as some would call it, and I can always count on them to provide fearless, grounding advice to steer me back onto my own path more self assured.  Gundi has trained me in Quantum Touch I and II.  I have been attuned to the Reiki symbols and have a Master Reiki certificate that I earned through a class guided and taught by Klaus and Gundi.  The classes are always held in their home environment where they provide refreshments, snacks and/or meals where the people in the class interact and bond throughout the experience.  Their classes are never stressful and are always taught with love and wisdom.  I have always left them feeling more hopeful, more energized and more spiritually grounded.  They are doing great work in the world.  I am truly blessed and grateful to have met them and look forward to attending future classes and/or events with them. " 

L.MC., Carmichael, CA(referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch, pilgrimage to John of God in Brazil, and Quantum-Touch workshops)


"Thank you for a healing weekend Couldn't have asked for more." 

L.C., Sacramento, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch)


"For anybody who wants to became a Reiki master I highly recommend taking this training with Klaus and Gundi Heinemann. The fact that they have been teaching this class for many years shows in multiple ways.
Klaus and Gundi have a deep and thorough knowledge of the material and are able to communicate the essence of it in supportive, fun ways that put the participants at ease. I appreciated that the emphasis was on “hands on” experience, thereby keeping the participants from feeling overwhelmed by theory. They sensitively guided the group, as well as each individual, thanks to their intuitive perception and keen awareness.
The comforts of the retreat setting where meals and rest periods were provided, as well as the stunningly beautiful Sea Ranch environment of ocean, meadow, hedgerow and forest, made this Reiki master training an unforgettable and rich experience.

E.P., Mill Valley, CA (referring to an Advanced Reiki Master Training retreat at Sea Ranch, CA)


..."awesome workshop.  Thanks for having us at your lovely home. What fun. Great place. Great energy. Great group. Just a very 'bucket filling' experience." 

M.I.  (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop)


Statements after a Quantum-workshop facilitated by Gundi Heinemann in Sunnyvale, CA:

Many stated: " I received far more than I expected….”
This was a seminar of expansion in LOVE, receiving and giving love ...
“ I felt a sense of AWE and amazement through-out the weekend and am very grateful for what I received.”
“ During the process of creating the 'healing icon' for my symptoms, great warmth filled my body, and the healing process was set into motion. I can hardly put into words what happened.  I feel so grateful about the abundance of love I received from everyone in the group."
“ Stepping into the house, the living room, where the seminar was to take place, filled me with deep gratitude since I sensed immediately the uplifting frequencies in the space.  It filled me with joy and gratitude being part of this seminar."
“ During the seminar I experienced a transformation as never before. I am very grateful for this and look forward to how it continues to unfold.”
" After experiencing the QT1 seminar and the rich contexts you provided a few months ago, I could not wait to come back for more. I want to have what you and Klaus have and emanate in your presence.”
“ This was so amazing, uplifting, and enriching in so many ways. Thank you!"

(referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 2 Workshop)


... Thank you for watching over [us] on this amazing inner journey ... This trip could never have been as powerful, if it wasn't for your love and support.  It was a blessing from the first to the last day.  I am sure the blessings will continue. 

M.&D.B.  (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


.. Thank you again for a wonderful experience at your home. It was fun, informative and very expansive.  The Oneness Blessing was such a beautiful gift and surprise and I feel the flow of God moving me even more profoundly-what an honor to receive it!  I continue to enjoy a lower spine free of restriction.  My humble thanks to you again and again...

N.P.  (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop)


... Last night was very special, and I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate your group and being part of it.  You and Klaus are precious gifts to us all.  Thank you for sharing yourselves and all you have ro offer with me.

C. L.  (referring to a Healing/Prayer Focus evening meeting)


... Thank you for the seminar.  It was a great experience and I am grateful to you for hosting, presenting and facilitating Quantum Touch 1.

E. T., Ph.D.  Sacramento, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop)


... Thank you for a wonderful weekend experience ... I find myself wanting more of what I had yesterday ... how to retain and continue that beautiful experience andmomentum when not in a group setting .., that's always interesting for me.

R. D., Sunnyvale, CA (referring to a Quantum-Touch Level 2 Workshop)


... We want to thank you, Klaus and Gundi, for shepherding us through the most transformative two weeks of our lives. ... With the enormously generous and supportive love of Klaus and Gundi we also saw physical evidence of the fun-loving always present orbs that seem to participate joyously and humorously in all aspects of our life.  

A & R, Alameda, CA (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


... It was a new experience for us and we appreciate having had your guidance to be able to enjoy it to the maximum ....  We are trying to stay with what we brought back from Abadiania. Our friends and family wanted to know about our experience in Brazil, but it seems that, by talking about it, we are losing some of the important message we received.  My vision is improved. W.’s back problem has diminished.  [A lump miraculously disappeared]. ... We had wonderful mind and soul expanding experiences ... We are both following the recommendations we received and remain positive about a continuing improvement.

J. & W. .L. Miami, FL (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


... I was fortunate to meet you in my life so that I could enjoy great conversations on spirituality, learn Reiki healing from you, and have a trip to Abadiania with you. When I cancelled my trip in 2012 due to my surgeries, I had a mixed feeling that I would ever be able to stand on my feet again due to many complications. Now, I am thankful to God that all my health problems were healed and now I can walk, work, and live even with a better health.

R. A. (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


... It is hard to believe that we were in Brazil just a few days ago. This was indeed one of the most remarkable experiences in my life, and I very much enjoyed sharing that time with all of you ....
                                                                                                                                                              D. C. Lakewood, CO (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


... Bedanken möchte ich mich noch mal für die gute interessante Zeit in Abadania. Ich habe mich so wohl bei euch gefühlt, es war eine sehr erfüllte Zeit mit wunderbaren Eindrücken. Ich denke gerne daran zurück.  Herzlichen Dank für Eure Fürsorge und die wunderbaren Abende ...  Ich habe es sehr genossen.

M.v. R.. Germany (referring to guided travel to Abadiania, Brazil -- Joao de Deus)


... Thank you for conducting the great AWE seminar. Although I had read a few books about healing and had participated in a couple of all-day seminars about healing, your seminar was very practical for me and I felt that I have confidence to work with my (family members) from now on. Therefore, I ordered a massage table today to start this loving exercise soon.
My daughter had a dental root canal surgery at the hospital yesterday. Because of her physical condition, her dentist had advised us earlier that an anesthesiologist should be present at the hospital to put her into sleep because the dental procedure may increase the risk of uncontrolled complications. Therefore, I went to pre-op surgery room with her before the doctors put her into sleep. That moment, I had a very strong feeling that I needed to draw the Reiki symbols (chokurei and Sei he ki) on her that I had learned from you. Also, I was drawing “hon sha ze sho nen” on her while was in the waiting room. These gave me the very strong feeling that she would not be alone during surgery.
The procedure finished successfully and then she woke up very cheerful after a couple of hours. She is now happy and healthy at home. I do not have enough words to thank you and Gundi for bringing a new perpective to my life.

R. A. Dublin, CA (referring to 4-Day AWE seminar)


... Ich kann meinen Bekannten die Teilnahme an einer von Euch organisierten Reise nach Abadiania nur waermstens empfehlen.
(I highly recommend to my friends/acquaintances participation in a travel to Abadiania organized by you).

K. v.d. B.  (referring to guided travel to John of God)


... I was very impressed by the amount of work Gundi and Klaus put in the preparation of the workshop. Also I really admired your ease when I realized the decisions you were able to make in a fraction of a second, to put your well planned sequence aside in response to a request or intuition.
For me it was a perfect setting. Extremely high energy, a small group of nice people, just the way I like it. I have never experienced organizers of a seminar giving as much as you did: your work didn't stop when you finished the preparation for the workshop, no, during the workshop your day began before 9: am und continued non-stop until 10p.m, or even later.
The meals were not only healthy, but also very delicious. Your great talent to organize were obvious before, during and after meal preparations, as well.
What a beautiful setting for a workshop. I couldn't imagine a better location.
The unusul effects of your very special workshop continued even after it officially ended. A few days afterwards I noticed, that the mass in my right breast that had developed after a biopsy appeared much smaller.
I'm very grateful for all you did for me.

K. B. Southern California (referring to a 4-Day AWE seminar)


Thanks once again for the marvelous weekend! You both are such great teachers, storytellers and evolved beings. And thank you for keeping us fed so wonderfully. That was beyond my expectations.

D. N., Redwood City, CA (referring to a 4-Day AWE seminar)


... During yesterday's marvelous treatment, at one point, I felt myself suspended from the body, floating in Infinity, filled with Light, like I had done in meditation many times, but this time it felt the entire physical body, too, was accepting its Reality as Infinity and pure Light, not just mind and heart. Thank you so!

S. P., Cupertino, CA (referring to a Reiki/Energy healing session)


... Last night was wonderful – I was really stressed and upset when I arrived and felt so peaceful when I left.

L. H., Sunnyvale, CA (referring to a Healing/Prayer-Focus Meeting)


... I was at a complete low point, a bit burnt out from work, life, and my interests. After a comprehensive healing session with Gundi, I experienced a surge of creativity that I had never experienced. I was productive in my art, producing daily with very good results. That in turn started a vortex of energy which affected new job interviews and new social contacts. Thank you Gundi for all that you do.



... Extraordinary results! What you shared did resonate with me and helped me to move onward and upward.

J. S., Sunnyvale, CA


... Thank you for the masterfully hosted Reiki training. What a gift you gave! This was the most profound healing weekend of my life. I experienced my most liberating meditation and received new structure, new order for my life.

D. F., Mountain View, CA


... I feel rested and jejuvenated like if I had just been on a vacation for one week. ... My (Reiki Master) initiation was very powerful and very meaningful within the frame of what I want to do with my life.

M.-A. G., Mountain View, CA


... I am so amazed at the two of you so in-tune that the gathering flowed so easily from one activity to the next. From the beginning, to a meal, to freedom, to gather again, and freedom, to meal, to shared practice; from one day to the next, and from one level of practice to the next, and from excellent food to the next activity....
Wonderful use of music; Quiet reassurances of success; clear presentation of material; good pacing of practice; amazing trade off from one leader to the other; kindness for personal (individual) needs; pleasure in the success of the students; generosity of spirit no matter what the activity ...
The choice of site was exceptional.

J. A., Sunnyvale, CA


... The Reiki weekend was powerful for me. I learned and experienced a lot about Reiki .....

L. H., Sunnyvale, CA


... Words could never express the gratitude my heart feels for being able to accompany (my friend) to your spectacular retreat grounds. You both have created the most special spaces, radiating with such wonderful pristine and nurturing energy ...

S. G., Santa Rosa, CA


... You both went "above and beyond" what anyone would expect for seminar participants. ... I look forward to attending another wonderful seminar ...

P. C., Florida


... Just sharing your beautiful (seminar facilities) at Sea Ranch was a delight, but when I think of all that you did for us, please know how much I appreciated being a part of the wonderful experiences.

P. H., Los Altos, CA

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All information on this website is copyrighted.