Re-discovering the
Grand Original Design

Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.
with Gundi Heinemann

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ISBN-10: 1492910805
ISBN-13: 978-1492910800
2nd edition - November 2013 - 294 pages - 80,000 words
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This book offers an easy to read, grounded and visionary presentation of one scientist’s expansive world view. It makes the reader aware of the Grand Original Design underlying everything that exists.  The reader will sense anew the awe and wonder of life, giving inspiration and empowerment.

Experimental physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemann hypothesizes from principles of quantum physics and describes the spiritual reality as logical counterpart to the physical reality.  Both realities are seen as parts of an all-encompassing Oneness, the Divine Reality, the Grand Original Design.

The conclusions from this extrapolation of a fundamental law of physics are profound and agree with many facets of conventional spiritual world views, which heretofore were perceived as stumbling blocks for realists trying to reconcile science and spirituality.  Topics like the evolution of conscious consciousness, the permanence of souls, reincarnation, synchronicity, premonitions, the law of attraction, and the power of prayer receive credulity in view of this concept of the Grand Original Design. 

Together with his wife Gundi Heinemann, an educator and healing arts practitioner, valuable practical conclusions to spirit-directed healing are discussed.  It is not an unrealistic, esoteric construct of wishful thinking, it is not something that happens every so often as anecdotal occurrence, but spirit-directed healing is a key principle built into the Grand Original Design. "Expanding Perception" reminds the reader of the innate healing ability, which everyone is gifted with. The authors present numerous healing stories experienced during their activities as Guides to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.

Also, well known as orbs researchers, the authors present new, plausible explanations for the orb phenomenon. Together with Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Dr. Heinemann previously co-authored “The Orb Project” (2007, Beyond Words, Atria Books, Simon & Schuster); and Klaus and Gundi Heinemann jointly authored “Orbs: Their Mission and Messages of Hope (2010, Hay House). Both of these prior books are available in numerous foreign languages. 

"Expanding Perception, Re-discovering the GrandOriginalDesign" is presented to expand the reader’s perception of the fascinating Reality we are all part of.  The reader-friendly presentation of the rich material includes a detailed table of contents, fitting quotes, and highlighted phrases marking key points. The book lends itself to browsing and starting anywhere with those chapters that attract the reader’s attention. The authors make use of easy-to-find footnotes containing supplementary information.

An extensive Appendix gives further detailed background information and includes a Question/Answer section in which the authors present the important elements of the main text in colloquial, easy to understand language. One might well opt to start the perusal of this book with this Q&A section and then skip to selected chapters.

Klaus Heinemann holds a doctoral degree in Applied Physics from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He worked in surface physics research at NASA, as Professor of Research at Stanford University, and founded and ran a scientific research corporation for several decades. Dr. Heinemann also co-founded a solar engineering firm and holds design patents for solar collectors and ozone generators used for water purification. Both authors have taught numerous human growth seminars and lectured internationally. They were featured guests at over 40 radio and TV programs.



Dedication                                                                                                                      v

Acknowledgement                                                                                                          vi

Contents                                                                                                                         vii

Preface to the 2013 Edition                                                                                          x

Context                                                                                                                           xii

Introduction                                                                                                                     xiv

CHAPTER 1                                                                                                                    1

Expansion of Energy                                                                                                     1

From Supreme-Original Energy to Consciousness                                           1

Summary                                                                                                                          2

CHAPTER 2                                                                                                                     7

Expansion of Space                                                                                                       7

2.1    The God Thing                                                                                                        8

2.2    Size Relationships and Micro-Macro Analogies                                  10

2.3    “Empty” Space and Information Velocities                                            15

2.4    Wave Forms and Propagation Media                                                       19

2.5    Reviewing the Past                                                                                            23

2.6    Viewing into the Future                                                                                  25

CHAPTER 3                                                                                                                    29

Expansion of Perception                                                                                              29

3.1    The Physical and the Non-Physical are One                                          30

3.2    The Eternal Now                                                                                                 33

3.3    The Universe as a Living Oneness                                                              35

3.4    Benevolent Interest From the Other Side                                              37

CHAPTER 4                                                                                                                   43

Expansion of Consciousness                                                                                     43

4.1    Intended Evolution?                                                                                         44

4.2    The Evolution of Consciousness                                                                 47

4.3    Soul and Consciousness                                                                                  50

4.4    The Permanence of Consciousness                                                           56

4.5    A Rationale for Reincarnation                                                                     64

4.6    Orbs as Emanations from Spirit Beings                                                  67

  • (a)    Authenticity of Orbs                                                                                     68

  • (b)    Intelligence Behind the Appearance of Orbs                                              70

  • (c)    Examples of Orbs in Strategic Positions or Appearances                    72

  • (d)    Communication with Orbs                                                                         72

  • (e)    Interiorities of Orbs                                                                                     73

  • (f)    Orbs and Subtle Energies                                                                           74

  • (g)    Recording Subtle Energies                                                                         75

  • (h)    Insights from Orbs Research                                                                     77

  • (i)    The Orb/EVP Experiment                                                                           78

4.7    Love: the Highest Form of Consciousness                                              82

CHAPTER  5                                                                                                                 85

Expansion of Belief Systems                                                                                     85

5.1    Narrowing the Gap Between Science and Spirituality                     86

5.2    Spirituality and Spiritual Reality                                                                88

5.3    Synchronicity                                                                                                       92

5.4    Premonitions                                                                                                        95

5.5    No Thought is Ever Lost                                                                               100

5.6    Jesus as Teacher and as a Mystic: a Dualism                                     104

5.7    Consciousness and The Law of Attraction                                          107

CHAPTER  6                                                                                                                113

Expansion of Healing                                                                                                 113

6.1    The Healing Power of the Spiritual Realm                                          114

6.2    Prayer                                                                                                                   117

6.3    Holistic Healing                                                                                                122

6.4    Spirit-Directed Healing                                                                                129

6.5    The Phenomenon of Healing by Joao de Deus                                   136

6.6    Examples of Spiritual Healing Experiences                                        138

  • (a)    Joe                                                                                                               138

  • (b)    Charley                                                                                                        138

  • (c)    Liz                                                                                                                140

  • (d)    Alexandra                                                                                                   141

  • (e)    Ron Roth as Entity?                                                                                  142

  • (f)     Manifesting Material Necessities                                                                144

  • (g)    The Interview                                                                                            145

  • (h)    11/11/11 – 11:11                                                                                    146

6.7    Forgetfulness About Healings – a Predicament                               148

6.8    Caveats in Spiritual Healing                                                                       151

  • (a)    Charging for Spiritual Healing                                                                   151

  • (b)    Defining Spiritual Healing                                                                            153

  • (c)    Projections                                                                                                   154

  • (d)    Expectations                                                                                                155

CONCLUDING REMARKS                                                                                           159

Spiraling Expansion of Perception                                                                          159

APPENDIX                                                                                                                    163

Appendix A                                                                                                                  164

Extrapolation from the Dualism Principle of Physics                                 164

A.1    Dualism                                                                                                                164

A.2    The Counterpart Reality                                                                              167

A.3    The Counterpart to Energy                                                                        168

A.4    Dimensions in the Counterpart Reality                                               172

A.5    Example for the Effect of Adding a Dimension                                 177

A.6    The Velocities in the Counterpart Reality                                          179

A.7    Velocities Far Greater than the Speed of Light                                 182

A.8    The Energy-Encompassing Entity                                                          185

A.9    The Law/Process of Increasing Consciousness                               187

A.10  The Energy à Consciousness Process                                                 194

Appendix B                                                                                                                  201

Expanding Space and Time                                                                                       203

B.1    Expanding our Science Frame                                                                 203

B.2    The Gaia Universe                                                                                          206

B.3    Dark Matter                                                                                                       210

B.4    No-Thing-Ness vs. Nothingness                                                               214

B.5    Gravity and Neutrinos                                                                                  217

B.6    Neutrinos and Gravity Fields – a Dualism?                                        219

Appendix C.                                                                                                                223

Concepts and Definition of Certain Often Used Terms                                223

Appendix D                                                                                                                 235

Conversations                                                                                                            235

D.1    On the Physical/Spiritual Realities Dualism                                     236

D.2    On Reincarnation (“Study Trip” Analogy)                                          241

D.3    On Spirit/Light Phenomena (Orbs)                                                       247

D.4    On Conditions for Growth in Consciousness                                     250

D.5    About the Role of Mystery in our Lives                                                258

D.6    On Practicing Spiritual Healing                                                                263

REFERENCES                                                                                                             273


Sample Reading (we selected three chapters):


I believe in God, who is for me spirit, love, the principle of all things … I believe that the reason for life is for each of us simply to grow in love.  I believe that this growth in love will contribute more than any other force to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. (Leo Tolstoy)

Among all theorizing and conjecturing, it often strikes me how powerful the truth of this quote from the famous Russian author really is: the road to consciousness is through love.  Without love, what we might think consciousness entails is really nothing but information and/or knowledge. 

This came home to me during this writing, when we learned about the broken hearts of two people who are both dear to us, following the break-up of their long-term relationship.  Learning how to work through problems that involve the heart of other people is the battleground for our souls.  We win when we lose. Superficial victory will bring momentary gratification.  It likely never leaves the realm of the physical.  But real victory, obtained in an outpouring of genuine love, will give birth to consciousness. Love is more powerful than anything we can imagine.

Whatever I could say here about love would be dwarfed by the teachings on love in the sacred writings and by the wisdom teachers throughout the ages.  The following well-known poem by Emmet Fox summarizes the essence of true love quite convincingly:

 Love is by far the most important thing of all.

It is the Golden Gate of Paradise.

Pray for the understanding of love, and meditate upon it daily.

It cuts out fear.

It is the fulfilling of the Law.

It covers multitudes of sins.

Love is absolutely invincible.

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;

no disease that enough love will not heal;

no door that enough love will not open;

no gulf that enough love will not bridge;

no wall that enough love will not throw down;

no sin that enough love will not redeem.

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble,

how hopeless the outlook,

how muddled the tangle,

how great the mistake;

a sufficient realization of love will resolve it all.

If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest

and most powerful being in the whole world.


As beautiful as this poem is, it – in and by itself – is not consciousness.  It is a beautiful string of words.  It is powerful and inspiring.  But it is not consciousness.  It is you, the reader, who can turn it into consciousness.  If you are touched by it, if your eyes fill with tears when you read it and you don’t know why, if you pick up the phone and call your mother and say to her, “I love you, mom!” – and ask yourself, “How come I just did that?” – then you may be on the way toward becoming a conscious human being. 

That’s what it’s all about! Until you have taken it to your heart, the most beautiful poem, the wisest statement, or the most intelligent scientific finding is nothing but a piece of knowledge. Just as a key for patentability of an invention is its reduction to practice, the key for attaining consciousness is reduction of something that we know to the level of the heart

Love does not require a Ph.D.  It is not found in books, nor in stores, nor in memories.  It grows in your heart – not in that organ in your chest that pumps your blood through your arteries, but in your innermost being, your true self. 

6.2     PRAYER

Petition is ten, Intercession is a hundred, and Contemplation is a million (Emila Rathbun, quoting Gerald Heard[1])

Why would we add a chapter on Prayer in this book? If you randomly select a group of 100 people in a room and ask them one by one what they understand prayer to be, you will probably get 100 very different answers.  They will vary from something I want nothing to do with … to meditation … to petitioning God … to listening to God

Surprisingly, though, most of these answers will have a commonality, which we want to express here as our best understanding of this very important activity:      

Prayer is an active, humble state of acknowledgment of the existence of an infinite spiritual reality beyond our physical realm.

With this statement, we eliminate all emphasis on form: interrogative words like where, when, how, what for, to whom, with whom, with what words, how long, all focus on form and not on the substance of prayer.

The statement implies that prayer is:

an activity;

  • it transcends our ego;

  • it is a state of being – not limited by places and occasions;

  • it is beyond inner resistance; and

  • it gives reverence to the divine.

With this definition, prayer is significant for all modalities of Spirit-directed healing, and this justifies going further in depth in the understanding of the activity of praying.

At the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiânia, Brazil, every healing session of the famed healer João de Deus begins and ends with a devout recital of the Our Father by all attendees.  All those waiting for their turn to see Medium João in Entity, and all those seated in the current rooms – usually several hundred people – verbalize, each person in his own language, this powerful prayer.  Those to whom the prayer is foreign, join in quietly, sensing the significance of the moment. 

Why is so much importance given to this particular prayer?  Why don’t people just stand for a moment in reverent silence?   The Our Father prayer is one of the great legacies of the teacher Jesus of Nazareth. It has been around for more than 2000 years and is recited in all languages around the globe.  Such ancient texts hold energies of empowerment and healing.  Dr. David Hawkins[2] gave one of the highest scores of any written text to this prayer. In his research on spiritual healing, Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words,14) once asked a pre-eminent native Shaman, which writing or saying he would consider to be the most powerful.  He responded, “It’s in your tradition: your “Our Father” is the most powerful writing I know of!”  

The spiritual teachers, Harry and Emilia Rathbun, as well as Ron Roth, communicated with great depth the significance of this prayer. Their thoughts on the subject might be of interest to the reader.  Most people know the Lord’s Prayer as follows:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

In “Healing Path of Prayer,”48) Ron Roth, analyzing the Aramaic origin of the prayer,[3] formulated the Lord’s Prayer like this:

“Our Father, who is everywhere in the universe, your name is sacred.  Your kingdom is among us, it permeates us. Your will is present throughout the earth, as it is throughout the entire universe. You give us our needful bread from day to day and forgive us our offenses even as we forgive our offenders. You do not let us enter into materialism, but you separate us from error. For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the song, from ages to ages; sealed in faithfulness.”

In our Jesus as Teacher[4] study groups we would conclude the following:

  • The Father is the source of wisdom, the one who cares for you, the one who unconditionally loves you, the creator of all that is;

  • Hallowed signifies wholeness, holiness, unity, oneness;

  • Kingdom states an affirmation of importance;

  • Thy Will be done is affirmation of intentions;

  • You give us bread acknowledges that God has provided (it is not a petition);

  • You deliver us acknowledges that God has already unconditionally forgiven us, he loves us as we are;

  • … as we forgive … affirms that we are forgiven, but we only understand this to the degree we are forgiving others.

In today’s language or understanding we might describe the act of reciting this prayer as bringing us into the field of power, from where miracles not only occur but are as ordinary as they were for Jesus.

Ron Roth reminded his listeners repeatedly, “All you need to do is declare that this is the truth. You need not ask for anything. Everything is already provided!”  Hence there is meaning in reciting this ancient prayer repeatedly. It has the power to unify a diverse group of people and bring them into oneness and into the field where miracles happen. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer with devotion, with one’s heart intent, helps us to align with Source, the ultimate Father/Mother, the All That Is.

In Sanskrit, the word for prayer is “pal-al.” Literally translated this means “seeing oneself wondrously made.” This acknowledges being made in the image of God.  It elevates each human to co-creator and affirms one’s importance, ones’ worthiness.  God/ Source does not create junk. Each human is connected to the light of God, the energy of God, the spirit of God.

The Aramaic word for prayer is “slota,” which means “set a trap.” As we tune in on a spiritual wavelength, we become able to receive insights and energies that serve our highest good, and this allows us to live according to the best discoverable way. 

In Healing Path of Prayer Ron states that for the Aramaic people breath signified connecting to life force. To them praying was a total experience, much more than communicating with words.  It was connecting to the awe and wonder of creation and all of life.

 Praying is being in the now. Prayer has intense attractive power.  It empowers to be in the field where an abundant Life on all levels is inevitable. You do not pray for things – “no give-me prayers,” as Ron Roth would say – but the prayers are for enlightenment/empowerment, to be in the field that makes fulfilled life possible. 

This awareness, attitude, devotion, surrender to the Power Greater is the best preparation for healing to occur; it pre-conditions us to receive healing from the Source that is abundantly available to us.


[1] Emilia Rathbun,44) who spent her life following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, reminisced about her participation in a seminar at the home of the great philosopher Gerald Heard29) in Ojai, California in the 1940s, on the subject of the three levels of Prayer: compared to directly asking for things and personal betterment, intercession for the benefit of others is ten times more noble, and contemplation of the magnitude and magnificence of the Creator is of ten thousand times higher value. 

[2] David Hawkins,28) a world leader in personal development since 1960, became renowned for his kinesiological calibration method, with which the significance of anything can be calibrated on a logarithmic scale between zero and 1000.  The world at large calibrates at just below 200 – which he identified as an important number to be exceeded for long-term survival of our planet.  Pure love calibrates above 500.  According to his scale, the maximum energy level that can be tolerated by the human body and nervous system is around 1000. Extremely rarely, certain avatars have reached this level, such as the Christ, the Buddha, and Krishna.  The Lord’s prayer ranks exceptionally high at a calibration of 650.

[3] Aramaic was Jesus’ native language.

[4] Jesus as Teacher is the title of a book52) by Henry B. Sharman in which he excerpted from the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) those reports and sayings of and about Jesus that, according to his scholarly research, withstand the test of historical authenticity.


Spiraling Expansion of Perception

The fact that spiritual healing does exist seems to present proof that a reality exists in which consciousness reigns and which has at its avail an energy that can affect bio-physical matter in a way that appears to be independent of physical space and time.  The picture painted of the spiritual reality with this evidence at hand is entirely congruent with my conclusion about the counterpart/divine/ spiritual reality, as I have described it in this book.

If there is any proof one would want to see for the existence of the spiritual reality, the mere fact that spiritual healing does exist and has been documented over and over again seems to deliver that proof.

This is, in fact, the reason why we have included the chapter on expansion of healing in this book.  Any person who reads about the life and work of John of God,41) or Ron Roth47), or studies the work of Elizabeth Targ,55) and has a reasonably open mind would be hard-pressed not to accept at least some of the reported healings as authentic.  Consequently, he would have to lend some validity to the existence of the spiritual reality. 

For me personally, however, the sequence was reversed. I had believed in a spiritual reality for as long as I can remember. The hypothesis of the counterpart reality, based on an extrapolation of the wave-particle dualism, came first and awakened a keen interest in expanding it to “explore” the existence and influence of a spiritual reality.  The study of spirit orbs came thereafter – and it eliminated whatever remnants of doubt had remained. Spiritual healing became a logical consequence. 

The dualism work actually dates back to 1979 and occurred, to a large extent, in the form of automatic writing. Most of Appendix A of this book was conceived during a three-day period in the winter of 1979.  It is really the foundation of this entire book but was placed in the Appendix only as a concession to the reader who would not want to, and also not really need to, go through the fairly complicated details of that material.  It took almost two more decades – until October, 1997, when I attended my first seminar on spiritual healing with Ron Roth.47) – that I came to the point of mental concession that spiritual healing works.  Spirit orbs and the work of Joao de Deus caught my attention in 2004, another seven years later, and it thus took a quarter century for me to come from the point of a seriously entertained hypothesis to inner conviction.

Harry Rathbun, an engineer and Stanford University law professor, loved to tell about the dynamic between him – a person who also had a hard time steering away from his mind, which would keep trying to pull him back – and his wife Emilia, who was a master in daring leaps of faith.  He would say,  “She was already somewhere high up there, while I was still down here, begging her to pull me up.  I would grab a ladder and ask her to keep it balanced, so I could climb up … and when I was up there, with her, I realized what I had been missing all along … “  

So it was for me: 25 years of trying to rationalize what was just a leap of faith for Gundi.  It is our deep wish that this book may lead people with similar conditioning to a reduction of this excessively long mental gestation period toward the acceptance of the nobler alternative.

            There are certainly many ways in which one can summarize a description of this nobler alternative.  Here is my version:

You and I

are just like the grains of sand

in the spiral on the face of this book.

Yet with awe and gratitude we recognize

that we are part of a Grand Original Design.

There is no coincidence!

There is no failure!

There is only Love!

We are an inextricable part of the spiral toward ever increasing

Consciousness, Wisdom, Compassion, and Love. 

In our lives we are given endless opportunities to discover.

The Universe resiliently provides experiences

for us to develop antennas

to perceive beyond all our conditioned limitations.

As we tune in, we will be inspired. 

We affirm that, with the unique gifts and talents given to us,

You and I are invited to co-create.

Each one of us has a significant place

in conscious evolution of consciousness. 

Be still and know

you are more deeply connected to Source than to your thoughts!

Open your eyes and see

the beauty of all that is around you!

Be quiet and listen

and marvel at being a part of the Grand Original Design!

Be humble and accept with gratitude

the gift of life with its inspiring magnificence!

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All information in this website is copyrighted.