Healing Stories Experienced at the Casa de Dom Inacio

We have personally witnessed numerous profound healing stories in conjunction with our work as Guides to the Casa de Dom Inacio de LoyolaIn this article we present a few of them.  They are excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design."


The contractor who was freed from his back pain

Ever since Joe, the contractor, had fallen from a roof a few years earlier, he suffered from severe back pains.  No conventional treatment had brought relief to his pain.  His wife had coaxed him into coming along on a trip to Brazil to see Joao de Deus.  Joe was curious but had little confidence he could get help from a spiritual healer.  After he went through the “first-time line” line at the Casa de Dom Inacio, he felt nothing and was actually outspoken critical about the afternoon’s proceedings.  But, surprise, on the next day he found himself free of pain! Now a critic turned believer, Joe shared his experience, equally outspoken, with everybody on Main street in Abadiania, happy, laughing, joking, like someone who had won the big prize.  Joe was deeply grateful to the Entities and his wife, who made him try this most unusual treatment.

Joe’s amazing healing story sparked great hope in many who were still waiting for something miraculous to happen to them. He joyfully admitted how quickly he adapted to the disappearance of the incapacitating pain he had been living with for two years.

First-time experience of the powerful energies at the Casa de Dom Inacio

Years ago, when a friend presented Charley’s picture to the Entity, he received not one, but two “x” on his photo. That meant he should travel to Abadiania for sure as soon as possible. However, Charley’s family and work situation made this difficult, and his steadily improving health, following his debilitating accident nine years earlier, signaled to him that, perhaps, he could be healed and completely free from the residual effects of that accident without traveling to the "Casa.” He was even able to resume most of his extreme sporting activities. Then the time came for him and his entire family to undertake the travel to Brazil after all.

Not expecting much, but faithfully following the protocol for a person having received an “x” on his picture presented by a friend to the Entity, Charley was willing to go through the spiritual intervention line immediately upon his arrival in Abadiania.  At least he wanted to pay respect by following the invitation to this most unusual procedure.  His sharp, discerning mind was balanced with enough openness and curiosity and willingness to receive some unexpected gifts, as he realized he had received several times before during his many risky sporting adventures. 

But his stated primary motivation to come to Abadiania remained the continued well-being of his two children, especially his 5-year old daughter, who was born with a severe, unusual health condition. Parents often graciously overlook that they themselves have issues that need healing and are as important as those of their kids. In the end, all benefit, as they move toward increased wholeness on all levels of being, which includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  The latter two levels are often ignored by the younger generation in their prime time of life exploration, while testing their limits with adventure seeking and approaching life with an attitude of infallibility.

Shortly after Charley entered the big hall of the Casa de Dom Inacio, joining the many people already waiting, he said to his accompanying guide, “I am dizzy and about to faint.” Just the notion of fainting would have sounded absurd to anybody who knew this strong man, who was used to extravagances like spending a night on a belay ledge suspended on a vertical cliff, over hundreds of feet of free fall, during a multi-day extreme rock climbing expedition. 

His face turned white like the outfit he was wearing.  Someone made room for him to sit down.  A wheelchair was brought quickly, and he was taken to the infirmary of the Casa.  Little did he know that very often the Entities spare no time initiating their work when a “patient” enters the Casa.  Charley’s procedure had long been overdue after his photo had been shown to the Entity such a long time ago.  Needless to say that a day, or perhaps two or three, later Charley had re-gained his full strength.

Release of Allergies and Scar Tissue

With her husband Bob and their healthy 3-year old son, Nathan, Liz traveled to the Casa de Dom Inacio, of which they had heard so many wondrous healing stories. Liz seriously wanted to be a believer but was nevertheless naturally still quite skeptical with regard to healing of her rare allergic health predicament. Like so many first-time travelers to the Casa, she came with a huge bag of prejudices.

As guides, it is rather trying for us to even communicate the basic protocol, the guidelines, to render the participants’ experience at the Casa most productive.  We therefore kept the explanations to a minimum but made sure the couple would attend the Tuesday night Casa Orientation.  We were delighted that Diego, a credible former Silicon Valley engineer now living with wife and son in Abadiania, was in charge of the evening.  He understands the mentality of foreigners coming to the Casa well and does an excellent job explaining the rather unusual work taking place at this very out-of-the-ordinary spiritual hospital.  He puts everything in the appropriate large context and gives listeners the sense of an amazing opportunity to have new possibilities open up while willingly participating in the Casa process. In particular, Diego’s emphasis on great opportunities rather than stern rules and regulations evokes the participants’ cooperation in the process and helps them overcome prejudices and benefit fully from what is offered at the Casa

The Entities seem to have a wonderful sense of humor and wisdom that choreographs each person’s process at the Casa.  As guides we have learned to relax and trust that each person will be taken care of in a unique and the most appropriate way.  From our own experience, dating back many years, we know that, the more one opens up and allows the process to unfold, the greater are the gifts to be received.  

Liz, standing next to her husband, was watching the physical surgery being performed by Joao de Deus in Entity on stage.  They were standing very close to the blue door on the right of the big hall, leading to the current rooms.  When the woman, who had been operated on for some intestinal issue, was wheeled into the infirmary, Joao in Entity looked at Liz.  “It was, as if a lightning flash had struck me.  Now it’s my turn,” was her feeling.  Then she fainted and sunk into her husband’s arms.  She was quickly wheeled into the infirmary — no open surgery was needed! The nurse in charge gave her a tiny cup of healing water and told her to close her eyes.  Bob, her husband, was given a prescription and told to buy the herbs at the pharmacy immediately. 

On the next day, Liz noted that a big scar from an abdominal surgery several years ago had vanished — and this was just the beginning of her healing story.

Powerful healing received from a distance

Alexandra, a healing arts practitioner from Scotland had to cancel her trip to Abadiania because her condition had worsened so much that travel was impossible.  She was hospitalized for weeks on end and connected to oxygen 24/7, trend worsening and not knowing when — or if — she could ever go back home. Instead, on her request and with the Entity’s approval, Gundi sat in for her at the Casa for surrogate surgery.

Surrogate surgery is an effective alternative in such circumstances. Very much in line with what we said  about space and time in the counterpart/spiritual reality, the Entities who perform the healing know no space/time limitations and can work wherever they direct their attention. However, just as you want to have your spleen removed in a hospital and not at home, it is usually advisable to travel to the Casa de Dom Inacio spiritual hospital, where it is said that hundreds, if not thousands of well-intended spirit entities are eagerly standing by to help. 

Alexandra was highly motivated and trusting in a positive outcome of the surrogate surgery. She said she felt it in her body during the very time when Gundi was sitting in for her.  A few days later, she was taken off oxygen and released from the hospital, and in a week she was back doing her long abandoned jogging routine. 

While these are the more conventional type of healing stories, we were also over the years involved with numerous truly unique happenings of a different kind that, again and again, illustrate the benefit of expanding one’s perception to include the other reality that is all around us.

Manifesting Material Necessities

After her retirement from a strenuous job in metropolitan Sao Paulo, Rosetta wanted to relocate to a rural town where she could follow her calling to donate her time for a charitable organization.  She had identified the property she wanted to buy but was unable to find a buyer for her home in Sao Paulo.  Several candidates showed interest, and each time she undertook the 800-mile travel to meet with her realtor and the prospective buyer, and each time no deal could be arranged.  She told us:

“Finally, after months of search for a buyer, a good friend suggested to me to come to he Casa de Dom Inaio and bring my problem to the attention of the Entities for help.  At first I was hesitant to bother the Entity with such a mundane situation — after all, I was not sick and would just be taking away time from those really in need of physical help.  But my friend insisted, saying that it was quite OK to do so, the Entities would certainly help.  So I drew a picture of the house I needed to sell on a piece of paper and, when it was my time in line to see the Entity, unfolded it hesitantly and uttered, ”I need sell this property in Sao Paulo.”  The Entity smiled at me and took the piece of paper and put it in the basket next to where he was sitting. Five days later I get a phone call from my realtor, saying, “I just sold your property,” at your asking price, all cash!

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All information in this website is copyrighted.