The Casa de Dom Inacio after 7 December 2018

This page addresses the situation at the  Casa de Dom Inacio  in Abadiania subsequent to the world-wide on 12/7/2018 publicized criminal allegations against Medium Joao (“John of God”). It is written like a blog. We will from time to time add new entries at the top, which will push the rest further down. You may wish to start reading from the bottom entry to get the full picture.  We invite you to submit your thoughts for consideration of being added to this site to

This page addresses the situation at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania subsequent to the world-wide on 12/7/2018 publicized criminal allegations against Medium Joao (“John of God”). It is written like a blog. We will from time to time add new entries at the top, which will push the rest further down.
You may wish to start reading from the bottom entry to get the full picture.

We invite you to submit your thoughts for consideration of being added to this site to


1 July 2019 — Update by Klaus

From residents in Abadiania we hear that the energies in Abadiania and, in particular, at the Casa de Dom Inacio continue to be powerful. The atmosphere is peaceful, and — mostly foreign — visitors continue to come back to Abadiania and receive miraculous healings. One of our contacts, a guide, reports (my edit):

  • l was back over Easter with a group of 22 people, mostly repeat visitors. All of them experienced spiritual interventions. 3 had spiritual surgeries, 4 came with cancer and one with lime desease. One person who had stage 4 cancer is completely healed, and the person with lime desease is also healed. All of them appreciated the increased level of love, peacefulness and devotion at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The spiritual surgeries were even stronger than before.

Medium Joao’s legal challenges continue along their course. Today a court hearing took place in Abadiania. It is said that more charges were brought against him, the most serious being “rape on stage” at the Casa de Dom Inacio. We know that this can only have been one of his customary “visual surgeries” which sometimes occurred at the abdomen of a person. Labeling this as “rape” is indicative of the continuing negative mindset against him by the media in Brazil.

We must understand that no human is without fault — no priest, no rabbi, no clergyman, no pope, no bishop, no guru, no judge, and no spiritual healer. Medium Joao is no exception. He has been accused of many misdeeds. Some accusations may be justified and very serious, and some are undoubtedly strongly exaggerated or even entirely without merit. But when Medium Joao was in Entity, i.e., during the hours when he was taken over by one of the many good Spirits working at the Casa de Dom Inacio, there was no breach of ethics or other man-made rules.

Let us practice mercy!

9 June 2019 — Update on the Casa de Dom Inacio

We have not posted an update about the situation in Abadiania for quite some time.
The “New Day in Abadiania” is emerging vibrant and powerful. This is what we hear from our local contacts:

  • The Casa de Dom Inacio is open, as usual, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The Casa volunteers are working joyfully and lovingly.

  • The energies are superb. Current rooms are in session as usual, with especially strong energetics. The dignitary chairs have been removed, making room for wheel chairs. The Good Entities are reportedly working as they always did, and healings occur undiminished.

  • Generally, the atmosphere is peaceful and refreshing. Everything is super-clean.

  • Crystal Beds are administered as always (the containers with crystal beds in air conditioned space have been removed). The Sacred Waterfall is open. Casa Herbs can be purchased as usual, except now on personal initiative. The Casa Soup is “more tasteful than ever.”

  • Visitors from foreign countries are coming back, albeit not yet in the numbers needed to adequately support the local economy. These visitors understand that healing is not dependent on a person sitting in the chair that was formerly occupied by João de Deus. They understand that the One who heals is God, through the Good Entities who continue to work “overtime” at the Casa.

  • Meditation times in the current rooms are kept at about two hours and are very well received by those attending. People often meditate in the Big Hall, where the energies are also very powerful. The virtual absence of crowds of Brazilians who used to come predominantly to see Joao de Deus makes for a reverend, peaceful, silent and meditative healing environment everywhere on the Casa grounds and beyond in Abadiania.

  • The employed Casa staff was cut in half to make ends meet. We hear that some groups of foreign visitors have taken the initiative to help with maintaining the Casa gardens which are clean, blossoming, and inviting.

  • Many pousadas, as well as Hotels Brasil and Amazonas, are closed. San Rafael, Luz Divina, Caterinense, Caminho Encantado and a few others are open, and their restaurants are open to all. Frutti’s is open.

3 March 2019 — Creative Thinking

Today, a dear German friend and re-peat visitor to Abadiania sent us the following email (our emphasis):

  • “Nun sind wir schon eine Woche in Abadiania und genießen es sehr. Ich möchte euch kurz ein paar Gedanken schicken: Die vorhandene Energie ist spürbar im Current, bei den Gebets-Dreiecken, im Warteraum und im Garten. Ich spüre einen Hauch der Erschöpfung durch die Luft der Casa wehen, ebenso, wie ein zaghaftes Hoffen. Mir scheint, als warte ALLES und JEDER auf eine bestimmte Entscheidung - was mag wohl "morgen" sein? Die Casa-Mitarbeiter sind bemüht, einen "normalen Betrieb" aufrecht zu erhalten - jeder gibt sein Bestes. Und im Current sitzen ca. 200 Menschen - wunderbar zu sehen, mit wie viel Herzblut alle miteinander verbunden sind.
    Vielleicht ist es an der Zeit, dass sich dieser Ort, Casa de Dom Ignacio, reinigen kann. Ich wünschte mir, es gäbe ein riesengroßes Event, mit Hunderten oder gar Tausenden von Lichtern, einer Prozession ähnlich, wie in Lourdes. Mit einem Feuer-Ritual, wie Holi in Indien, indem ALLES gereinigt werden kann (bei diesem Gedanken sehe ich auf dem großen leeren Bus-Parkplatz ein riesiges "Lagerfeuer", wie bei unseren Sonnwendfeiern). Möge ein Lichtkreis entstehen. Ich wünsche mir ein Neustart mit Abertausenden von Besuchern von der ganzen Welt. Abadiania verfügt über die notwendige Infrastruktur - es gibt so viele leerstehende Pousadas und arbeitslose Bewohner. Der Platz ist wie geschaffen, für ein NEUES spirituelles Zentrum - ein Zentrum der Selbstlosen Liebe. Ja - das hört sich schön an. Und so sende ich meinen Wunsch nach "Ganz Oben"!!! Und der Lichtkreis vertreibt die Dunkelheit. — B. mit J. Sch.

  • Já estamos há uma semana em Abadiânia, que muito apreciamos. Hoje só quero enviar alguns pensamentos. É notável a energia existente na corrente, nos triângulos dos pedidos, na sala de espera e no jardim. Sinto passar um sopro de exausto no ar da Casa, bem como uma tímida esperança. Me parece que cada pessoa e tudo anseia por uma decisão definitiva - o que será "amanhã"? Os colaboradores da Casa se esforçam para manter "um serviço" normal - cada um contribui seu melhor possível. Da corrente participaram aprox. 200 pessoas - é comovente ver com quanta compaixão.
    Será que chegou o momento que este lugar, a Casa de Dom Inácio, passará por uma profunda limpeza? Eu desejo que acontecerá um enorme evento com centenas ou milhares de luzes, semelhante a uma processão em Lourdes. Com um ritual de fogo, tal como Holi na Índia, em que tudo será purificado (nisto visualizo uma enorme fogueira de acampamento no estacionamento vazio ao lado, como nosso festejo de solstício). Que possa surgir um círculo de luz. Desejo um reinício com a vinda de milhares e milhares de visitantes de todo o mundo. Abadiânia dispõe da infraestrutura necessária - há inúmeras pousadas vazias e pessoas sem trabalho. Todo o espaço é ideal para a criação de um novo Centro Espírita - um Centro de Amor altruísta. Sim, é tão agradável ouvir algo. E assim sendo, envio meu desejo para o "Altíssimo"!!! E o Círculo de Luz expulsa a escuridão.. — B. com J. Sch.

  • "Now we have been in Abadiania for a week and enjoy it a lot. I would like to briefly give you a few thoughts: The energy is noticeable in the Current, in the prayer triangles, in the big hall, and in the garden. I feel a breath of exhaustion through the air of the Casa, as well as a timid hope. It seems as if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE are waiting for a specific decision: what might be "tomorrow"? The Casa staff are trying hard to maintain a "normal operation" - everyone does their best. In the current are about 200 people - wonderful to see how much passion all together.
    Perhaps it is time that this place, Casa de Dom Ignacio, be cleansed. I wish there was a huge event, with hundreds or even thousands of lights, similar to a procession, as in Lourdes. With a fire ritual, like Holi in India, where EVERYTHING can be cleansed (at this thought, I see a huge "bonfire" on the big empty bus parking lot, similar to in our solstice celebrations). May a circle of light arise. I wish a restart with thousands upon thousands of visitors from all over the world. Abadiania has the necessary infrastructure - there are so many vacant pousadas and unemployed residents. The place is perfect for use as a NEW spiritual center - a center of selfless love. Yes - that sounds nice! And so I send my wish to the "Most High" !!! And the circle of light dispels the darkness. — B. with J. Sch.

We add: There are prerequisites for such a celebration. It would probably be necessary for this to be meaningful if Medium Joao, in an act of gracious generosity, were to officially abdicate his life’s work — his ownership in and management of the Casa de Dom Inacio. — K & G

13 February — further developments at the Casa

A friend living in Abadiania reported today:

“I am surprised and delighted to notice that during the past weeks the atmosphere in Abadiania has become much lighter, more joyful. I would say better than it ever was. It is as if a cloud has been lifted. Also, more and more people are coming back, mostly Europeans — Germans, Austrians, French, Swiss people — and Americans. They come in increasingly large groups, almost like before. The Brazilians still seem to be holding back and come only in small numbers. Things are less hectic in town. More peaceful. But mostly I am full of joy that the energies are lighter. There seems to be less emphasis on “rules” and more on joy.”

Later today we received a video taken by Wagner, one of the devout volunteers working at the Casa de Dom Inacio. It confirms what we experienced ourselves before our departure in early January, that a peaceful, contemplative, beautifully healing-inspiring atmosphere has been re-established at the Casa. Furthermore, the video shows more people present now than five weeks ago. We chime in with the encouragement to consider coming back to the Casa!

7 February 2019 — By Klaus and Gundi: The “Gretchen”-Question

"How could the Good Entities, who worked through Medium Joao, permit that the person whom they anointed as their full-trance medium committed such abominable transgressions?”  “Did they not know about it?”  “Did they not see that Medium Joao kept betraying them big time?”  “Were the healings real?”  “What does this all mean?" 

These are some of the questions people ask themselves when they reflect on what has been coming to light since the evening of December 7th, 2018.  We answer emphatically,  “YES, YOU BET, THESE HEALINGS HAVE BEEN REAL — AND THEY CONTINUE TO OCCUR AND BE REAL.”  

We have been shown that we were erring when we put the man on a pedestal who functioned as nothing other than a channel.  We have been shown that healing from the realm of unlimited potential occurs in spite of human fallacies, that it has nothing to do with gurus or saints or holy beings, and that it has everything to do with our humble asking for it.

There are many facets to the answers to these questions. We can only scratch the surface in this blog. Let us start with one word which we deliberately “implanted” into the first of the questions, the word “anointed.”  Because this is what many people, openly or implied, believed Joao Texeira de Faria to have been, an “anointed” person, a god-like, saintly figure, a guru, somebody with supernatural powers and abilities.  We projected onto him all that — and with it infallibility.  

I remember vividly my feeling on Friday morning, December 7th, 2018, at the conclusion of the “spiritual intervention” session which I had opted to participate in.  I was seated at an aisle.  Joao de Deus in Entity had entered the Intervention Room of the Casa. Reciting the "Prayer of Caritas,” he walked all the way up the aisle. On his way back to the front of the room, he stopped next to where I was seated and put his hand on my shoulder, for a few long seconds. My eyes continued closed, I remember the sensation of elation, something extraordinary, something powerful and outer worldly.  Little did I know that this same man who had put his hand on my shoulder would, on that very same evening, on national and even world-wide TV, be accused of having committed terrible misdeeds.  

Did what happened that night in any way impact or even neutralize the experience I had that morning? The teaching of all this may well be that we need to understand the difference between third and fourth-dimensional realities.  In the Casa de Dom Inacio, the fourth dimensional energies are becoming active third-dimensionally.  The touch on my shoulder was a third-dimensional contact, but the sensation it produced, and the energy transmitted, was fourth dimensional. It entirely transcended the person, Medium Joao, whose hand did the touching. It is human nature that makes the inference that, because the divine energy was felt through his hand, the person to whom the hand belonged must have been divine. (In fact, it was and is divine, because everything has a divine aspect — but this is beyond the point we are making here …).

It’s like a plastic straw and the energetic Brazilian assai juice.  The straw is nothing more than a temporary means by which we get that delicious juice from the glass into our mouth.  Nothing more than that.  Medium Joao functioned like that straw.  But, similar to our environmental finding that plastic straws severely pollute the environment, it is time to deploy other means or methods.  We could use another straw.  But why not try to directly drink the juice — lips to the glass. We don’t really need a straw to do that!  May be that is the teaching given to us from the divine realm, that we can initiate the flow of healing energy to occur directly, without Joao as Medium, without any medium, without a guru or a saint

The big “WHY??” questions we set out to address are not any different from the age-old questions often asked in relation to wars or other human cruelties. Why did the divine Entities let those happen? One thing is for sure: the fact that such cruelties do happen does in no way whatsoever take away from the fact that the divine entities continually stretch out their helping hand toward us, asking us, showing us via phenomena or any other method available to them to accept their loving help. We are given free choice to accept. That’s what life is all about: learning to discern and become responsible in the choices we are making. It is up to our individual initiative to accept that help. It is the Grand Original Design that gives us free choice and provides to us the privilege of taking initiative.

20 January 2019 — Responses

Below are a more responses we have received from people all over the world:

  • Thank you so much for the update and your beautiful work. In the insecure situation nowadays it’s very touching to notice that the sacred work continues in the Casa de Dom Inacio. This is really what we had hoped for. We knew from the beginning it isn't the man - Medium João - who is doing the work, but the good Entities of Light who are working through him. We are humble and filled with gratitude for his efforts and all the work he did, and the healing we’ve received on a physical and spiritual level, especially C. Considering the human part, not knowing the truth, we pray for a fair trial and for everyone who is involved in this particular case. We intend to go again this year for our retreat holiday (mainly because of your updates).
    (S. & C. B., Netherlands)

  • My dear Abadiãnia family, I want to share some thoughts and ideas about continual growth and promotion of our village of Abadiãnia. We understand that Abadiãnia exists because of the Casa …. and the Casa needs the village of Abadiãnia to support all who come. I want to put it out there that we can help with both by offering and supporting creative retreats in Abadiãnia. It is already known as a place of deep healing and spiritual growth at the Casa….so we can also promote the town as a place of incredible creative energy for personal growth.
    In addition to what people receive at the Casa, Abadiãnia is a perfect place for Writing Retreats (writing your memoirs, writing about spiritual experiences, etc.), Artist Retreats (painting emotion, drawing, sketching, watercolor), Yoga Certification, Sound Healing, music instruction, dance and movement, wrapping jewelry, making prayer flags, etc …. there are all manner of retreats that could be offered that would NOT interfere with the work of the Casa, but would be enhanced by being offered in addition to the experience of the Casa. You, as leaders, already have the connections in the village, know the posadas, and have experience with group travel to Brazil, we just need to somehow get more people to come! I will personally support and promote every retreat that you offer!
    It is within our reach to help both the Casa and Abadiânia, we need each other now.
    (Diane S. [a Casa Guide])

  • So good to read your blog. I've been pushing this message since this affair began last month that we've come to a time when we must learn to connect directly with the 'other side', without gurus, mediums, or priests. That the Casa will come out of this stronger and more beautiful. It is very refreshing to see that it is a shared feeling among many!
    (H.G. Abadiania)

  • Glad to hear this other side of what's happening there. I do not think I will be going this year, but I hope things will shift in such a way that I will be happy to visit in the future. I will definitely keep following it along, and maintain my connection with the entities. I am very happy that you have this vision for a new Casa which is along the lines of what needs to happen to be able to protect it as a sacred place with the entities being able to continue the healing.
    All the Brazilians that came as a result of the publicity with Oprah Winfrey really changed the feeling tremendously. I was glad to hear that that has shifted. I hope that the Casa is allowed to stay open and evolve.
    (J.C., USA).

16 January 2019 — Testimony: “My Recent Experience in Abadiania,” by A.K.

Our group member, A.K., who wrote the following testimony arrived on 24 December 2018 for a two-week stay in Abadiania. Ever since the allegations against Medium Joao were publicized in the world press on 7 December, we had communicated with her about the developing situation, all but urging her to accept our full refund and stay home. She was adamant to come, nonetheless. The two weeks of her stay unfolded as utmost rewarding not only for her but also for us. Unquestionably, the Good Entities were working in high gear! (We slightly edited her testimony, received today, for brevity; in particular, we deleted a segment on orb photography in Abadiania, which is, of course, also a favorite subject for ourselves):

“I recently returned from two magical weeks in Abadiania, Brazil. My experience of the Casa de Dom Inacio began for me from the day I made the energetic exchange of a deposit to my guides … Interestingly, in the months leading up to the trip, my travel companion and I both began to notice major life shifts happening. These events helped to shape our intentions for the journey.

“As December rolled around, I could hardly wait for my departure. Despite the crisis that occurred at the Casa in December, I never had a doubt about my upcoming journey. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was certain that my first time experience at the Casa would be enlightening no matter how things unfolded.

“I heard it said that the “veil” is very thin in Abadiania. It could be thought of as the dividing point between seen and unseen, known and unknown, or time-bound and timeless. I have no doubt that there are powerful, benevolent forces at work at the Casa de Dom Inacio and I can attest to physically feeling the Entities working on me, which is still happening even as I write this, 6000 miles away ….

“The miracles of Abadiania do not only occur during the day; the major revelations and miracles occurred for me as well during my night dreams. I actively dreamt every night during my visit and my recollection and interpretation in the morning were crystal clear. I could see that the unfolding of my wishes were appearing in my dream state. The repetitive symbolism present in the dreams helped me to better understand these messages.
”While I arrived to Abadiania physically and emotionally knotted, my visit rejuvenated me. Every day, I felt energized, physically well, and emotionally balanced. I returned to California with a fresh perspective and new interests for study. I am grateful to … the loyal volunteers at the Casa; and to medium Joao, who gave his life over to being a channel to the Entities of Light, who have helped heal millions of people over the years.

“Here are a few interesting experiences I had in Abadiania:

- For the last few years I had been having pain due to bone spurs that had built up on the left side of my neck. As I passed the Casa’s main hall on the day I arrived, I began to feel a pleasant but intense vibration in my left shoulder, like a vibrator had been placed on my neck and left shoulder. After that day, every time I sat in the main hall and current room, the buzzing would begin, sometimes for up to 30 seconds at a time. I am amazed that this still happens every few hours, even two weeks after returning home.

- After my first visit to the sacred waterfall, I found three bright red marks on my stomach, as if an object had marked me. I had not changed into dry clothing after the waterfall nor had anything touched my skin. I took this as a potential first healing intervention and rested as one would have been instructed to when the medium was in his chair.

- A particular interesting appearance happened to me during meditation in current during my second week. I actually wasn’t sure at the time if the person in my mind’s eye was a man or a woman, or if s/he was Indian or a person of similar ethnic characteristics. When later that day I looked at a painting of Dr. Jose Valdivino, I knew immediately that this was the entity that appeared to me in current. I felt very comforted by this.

- A rather miraculous occurrence happened after dinner early on New Year’s eve. I was sitting with my guide at dinner, when I suddenly felt moved to get up and leave the table. As I was placing my dishes near the kitchen, I took my phone out of my bag and happened to look down…to see that my phone was calling a woman whose photo I had taken to the Casa as a favor. This woman, “MS,” had found me in an Abraham Hicks FB group, and asked if I would consider taking her photo with me to the Casa so that she could get distant healing. I was happy to do a favor for a total stranger. I submitted her photo on my first Casa day and figured we’d have an email exchange when I get home. But the entities thought otherwise and connected us via modern technology – Facebook Messenger – to ensure that this woman in Florida and I would not only connect but speak for the first time! She and I ended up having a wonderful conversation and discovered that we truly had so much in common. I felt my heart burst open with love for her. She had been a total stranger but was now becoming a new friend. We both will always treasure that mysterious telephone connection.

“In summary, I so enjoyed my first experience in Abadiania that I am planning my second trip later this year… I fully recommend to anyone reading this, who has entertained the possibility of visiting the Casa, to go visit and witness your own personal miracles. It’s a spiritual journey to a magical destination unlike any other.”

13 January 2019 — by Klaus and Gundi: needing the support of the Good Entities

We are heartened by the overwhelming positive responses (posted on Jan. 7, 2019, see below) to our prior postings and our prayers for the New Casa.  Nonetheless, sentiments among many locals in Abadiania seem to continue to go in the direction of hoping to restore the Casa to what it used to be, including that Joao Teixeira the Faria would come back to his seat, leadership and ownership position.  Meanwhile, alleged accusations against Medium Joao are mounting.  As we inferred in our letter of 6 January (below), if only some of them were found substantiated in the adjudicating court of law, the North American, European, and Australian/New Zealand mindset of people would likely have a hard time condoning (tolerating, accepting, agreeing with, supporting) such transgressions, and we would have extreme difficulties bringing people from these continents to the Casa if the Tenets for a New Casa (see our posting of Jan 5, 2019) are not substantially observed.  We need to be patient and let the Good Entities, who continue to work relentlessly at the Casa, sort out how the future of the Casa de Dom Inacio will develop.

Ficamos muito comovidos ao receber tantas respostas positivas (postados em 7 de Janeiro de 2019, vide abaixo) aos nossos pensamentos e orações pela "Casa Nova". Porém, parece continuar a tendência da muitas pessoas da população de Abadiânia em restaurar e não renovar a Casa de Dom Inácio, no sentido de manter João Teixeira de Faria na sua cadeira, tal como líder e tal como proprietário. Entretanto, supostas acusações contra o Medium João estão se aumentando. Se apenas algumas destas acusações forem encontradas substanciadas no tribunal da justiça, visitantes da América do Norte, Europa, Australia e Nova Zelândia provavelmente têm dificuldades em tolerar  (agüentar, aceitar, concordar, apoiar) tais transgressões. Se os Princípios para uma Casa Nova  (vide nossa postagem de 5 de Janeiro de 2019) não forem substancialmente observadas, teremos enormes dificuldades em trazer visitantes destes continentes para a Casa. Necessitamos ter paciência e esperar que as Boas Entidades, que continuam trabalhando o tempo todo na Casa, resolvam como será o futuro da Casa de Dom Inácio.

7 January 2019 — Responses

Below are a few of the responses we have received from people all over the world:

  • I have never wanted to put people on a pedestal because we are, in the end, all human.  Your optimism about something beautiful rising out of the ashes is inspiring also.  I don't know if I ever told you, but the year that I went to Brazil for a month, was the best year for my health that I have had.  For me, being in the atmosphere with all the laid back and calm people, without TV, internet or newspapers was phenomenally healing in itself.  I treasure the memory of having the privilege to spend that month there.
    (B.H., North Carolina, USA)

  • If the work of the Casa exists for it's Spiritual purpose it will remain, egos aside. And the truth shall set you (us) free!
    (C.M. California)

  • We always feel connected to Entities at the Casa. Therefore we were shocked when we heard the news of John of God.  We will share your e-mail with our friends who’ve been to the Casa.  As we read your e-mail, we feel much better and relieved.  What you said resonated with our hearts, and we do believe this is the time when we directly connect with the entities and take more initiatives for our own healing.
    (S.O., Japan)

  • I am reassured again, that the words of Jesus are timeless and apply always:  "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have already received it and it shall be yours".
    (E.L., California)

  • No judgement at all!  God bless us and this magical place (with or without Joao).
    (A.S. Southern Brazil)

  • I have loved Abadiania and never worshipped Joao.  I have received guidance and healing no doubt and would definitely return! Thank you for the amazing update!!
    (L.C. California)

  • We are very much in alignment with your thinking about all this, and our intention is to continue to bring people to this holy place which we know the Casa still is.  … So many are waiting for news to have reassurance of the continuation of the Casa in the best best best way!
    (B.D. California)

  • Ich habe diesen Bericht eingehend durchgelesen. Er ist hervorragend!  Ich werde ihn gerne an einige Freunde weiterleiten.
    (M.S. Central Brazil)

  • I have felt some shock and sadness around the … news.  …  I feel very humbled and appreciative now …  to call in the Entities that as you say are still available to work in purity.  I hold space for the Casa itself to be able to work in sacredness in a new way, and I hold space for … [its] …  transition to self-guided healing that the Casa is now modeling. 
    (G.S. California)

  • ... hat mir Eure Mitteilung gezeigt, die wir sehr wichtig und gut finden.
    (V.R. Germany)

  • I totally agree that the entities and all the spiritual helpers are still present and ready and willing to help. It is up to us to ask and take responsibility for our choices on our path of growth and healing. People may now be forced to look passed the human world to the invisible Realm of entities and possibilities. Holding on to some structure to be guided through seems an important realization for the people at the Casa. May they also know that many pray for them and the whole situation. 
    (E.P., California)

  • I was very sad to hear what happened to Joao, our dear John of God.  We are sending him Love and Light. I understand, that this is something he has to go through and we all can help him by seeing the Love he has for humanity all around him and holding him in the Light.  Yes, we are responsible for our own healing. It is the time to take it on and do it. Maybe that is the silver-lining of it, to make us realize this, and we have the support of all the Entities and Angels all around us wherever we are.  Abadiania can still be a place of healing and silent retreats, and I hope that many will realize this and therefore support this community by coming back.
    (C.S. Washington State, USA) 

  • …  I have truly felt the teacher is within not out there!
    (L.H. California)

  • We had just heard about Joao at the Casa … The fact that things are still going even if they are adapted to the new situation is encouraging.
    (J.L. Florida)

  • From the moment we heard the news about John of God … our heart is bleeding. We feel so sad about the news about Medio João. It was like a bomb exploded on Dutch television and in the newspapers …. It feels like we reach the end of the precious and Divine work of Medium João in Entity.  We cherish the sacred and profound experiences in the Casa ….. The update of your personal experience gives us hope and confidence. We all need positive messages in hours of darkness. Whatever happens we [need to] to stay focused on the Light and Love of our Higher Cosmic Being and the Inner God Presence of all human beings.  We pray for Medium João, may divine guidance dictate the judiciary process in this world of duality.
    (S.B. Netherlands)

  • Please distinguish: John of God is a human being …  but he is NOT God. We are guided by energies. So the truth will always appear, although we don't know what the truth is. Please, stay connected to your own divine energy and remember your personal experiences at the Casa.  Don't judge, if you do, you are completely in the 3-dimensional energy as most of the people [are].  Don't let your faith depend on John of God or anybody else.  [This is all] about to become independent and get closer to our own divine and conscious light. 
    (N.R. Central Brazil)

6 January 2019 — Letter to our former Abadiania Group Members

Dear Friends who have formerly traveled with us to Abadiania,

Gundi and I will soon be departing from five weeks of soul searching and unprecedented experiences in Abadiania. We arrived on December 3rd, four days prior to the devastating world-wide news releases about John of God. We witnessed Joao's last day in Entity, on Friday, December 7th (the news broke that evening). We experienced the police, media and paparazzi persecution and commotion that followed on the next Casa day, Wed, Dec 12th, when Joao arrived at the Casa, was finally twisted away from the prosecuting media mob and, surrounded by his helpers, was rushed to his seat in the Current room, where he placed the statue of Santa Rita into his seat, and said something like “Now you take my chair,” and then left again to surrender to the police. We witnessed the week-long staging of news-hungry camera teams outside the Casa gates that followed, with occasional police raids into the Casa.

We witnessed the annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 15th, at the Casa Soup Kitchen in town, which took place in spite of everything, so hundreds or even thousands of needy children and their families in town would get a hot meal and their gifts — for many of them it would likely be the only ones they received. Miraculously, the paparazzi would film that, too! They were also invited for lunch, bashfully admitting, ”We are only doing our job …”  And we experienced the changes that happened in the Casa process itself, spear-headed by loving Casa volunteers. We experienced the declining number of people coming to the Casa, from standing room only in the big hall prior to 12/7 down to a few tens of people in 2nd-time line and single-digit numbers in first time line.  

And then we witnessed re-emergence of a New Casa in subsequent weeks, with the current rooms full to capacity already 30 minutes prior to session begin, and the number of people in the big hall, waiting to go through the lines, steadily increasing, with beautiful energies all-around.  Something new has been arising from the ashes … a process of cleansing is happening ... something that is not denial but acceptance of reality, even though the reality is very different from how it was portrayed by the scandal-thirsty news media … something that does NOT CONDONE any of the alleged transgressions, while at the same time taking responsibility with an atmosphere of compassion and forgiveness, taking to heart what Master Jesus said to the angry mob about to kill the adulterer, “Who among you is free of sin and will throw the first stone?

We feel very hopeful about the emergence of a New Casa, one without a human being elevated by human beings to a guru; one where each visitor takes initiative for his/her own well-being, one where the good Entities are still working relentlessly with every person who asks for help; one where Trust, Agape, and Charity reign unconditionally; one where the feminine principle of nurturing and compassion will prevail; under the patronage of Santa Rita.  We encourage you to consider, or reconsider, coming back to Abadiania and, by doing so, be infilled and empowered, receiving and giving just the same.  

5 January 2019 — by Klaus and Gundi: Tenets for a New Casa

The experience with two groups after 12/7/2018 has been very positive. The Casa is renewing itself into a new era. The good entities are still working relentlessly, but not through any person’s mediumship. Wonderful healing experiences are occurring on the initiative of the people visiting the Casa. This is the most important truth, the shining light emerging from this place.

We prefaced our entry of 12/20 with the statement "Out of the ashes, something new will arise!” Even though the Casa has not burned down to the ashes, we are encouraged that the leadership is recognizing the necessity to re-build it in a new way. The re-built Casa will then establish good press in its own right and attract people from all over the world to come to Abadiania to experience the undiminished healing activities by the Good Entities, without the expectation that Medium Joao is the facilitator, or even the healer who he himself — according to his own assurances — never was. All healings are attributable to the Most High. The re-built Casa will then re-gain the trust of people all over the world as it does not condone any of the alleged transgressions of which Medium Joao is being accused.

We pray that the “New Casa” will be based on ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY. To achieve this, we pray that:

  • it will be administered, as an independent Brazilian business and as a charitable spiritual hospital, by individuals who are unquestionably adhering to the principle of working together with others for the glory of the Most High;

  • it will be settled that no part of it will be the personal property of any individual person or persons (i.e., it must be a functional non-profit, charitable organization);

  • it will be financially independent (i.e., derive its budget from donations and legitimate fees and sales proceeds), and all financial aspects will be fully transparent and accountable;

  • it will operate on the principle of treating every visitor equal, but with particular consideration, love and compassion toward the sick and elderly, understanding that no rule is so strict that it cannot be broken for a higher purpose.

Rezamos que a "Nova Casa" seja baseada na INTEGRIDADE ABSOLUTA. Para tal realização oramos que:

  • a Casa será administrada como uma instituição brasileira independente,  um hospital espiritual de caridade, por pessoas inquestionavelmente aderindo ao princípio de trabalhar junto com outros para a Glória do Altíssimo;

  • será determinado que nenhuma parte desta instituição poderá ser propriedade particular de qualquer pessoa ou pessoas (isto é, deve permanecer uma organização de caridade sem fins lucrativos);

  • será financeiramente totalmente independente (ou seja, seu orçamento derivará de doações e honorários legítimos e de objetos de venda), sendo que quaisquer transações financeiras deverão ser absolutamente transparentes e justificáveis;

  • ela funcionará no princípio de tratar cada visitante com igualdade, dando consideração especial, amor e compaixão aos doentes e idosos. Assim sende, se entende que nenhuma regra é tão rígida que não possa ser rompida para um propósito maior.

Among these four principles, the first one is the most difficult to realize. Setting one’s ego aside and working in community with others for a higher common goal is no easy task, but it is rewarding and a perfect recipe for growth in consciousness — the ultimate form of healing.

An effective way to mark its new beginning could be for the New Casa to institute a minor name change. Two possibilities are at hand: “Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola,” or “Casa de Dom Inacio e de Santa Rita;” however, surely other appropriate names could be found. Particularly appropriate seems to us the latter, which on one side rightfully honors Santa Rita, who was the patron of the original founder of the Casa, and which on the other side expresses an emphasis on honoring the feminine principle, which is a very important tenet of the New Casa. In this context, we note that Medium Joao, on Wednesday, December 12th, asked to have the statue of Santa Rita put into his chair and be in charge.

3 January 2019 — by a group member (24 December 2018 - 4 January 2019)

Medium João was not sitting in his chair or anywhere onsite during my first visit to Abadiania. I was, at first, apprehensive t come due to the unexpected interruption to his role as the medium of Casa Dom Inacio. However, I know from trusted spiritual partners that the entities are working still in Abadiania, and, more specifically at Casa Dom Inacio even without João. I found this to be undeniably true. I have felt, on innumerable occasions since my arrival, the healing support of the entities. My healing has unfolded on a variety of meaningful levels (like all the the notable literature and first hand accounts say). I am reluctant, now, to leave this place. My spiritual trajectory has been reinforced by those who know and understand how the entities work. Abadiania and Casa Dom Inacio is the vortex that I was hoping to encounter. Even without João at this juncture, healing is unfolding exponentially in Abadiania. 

30 December 2018 — by a group member (10 - 22 December 2018)

I have to truthfully say I was initially concerned that Medium João would not be present to participate in my process. But I found the Entities are still present and are still willing to help me with my healing. The Casa is still a very powerful place, and, thanks to the dedicated staff, it continues to function pretty much as before. My process is going to take some time, so I will be returning. 

20 December 2018 — by Klaus and Gundi

Dear friends who previously traveled with us to Abadiania,

Gundi and I arrived in Abadiania on Monday, December 3rd, and went through "2nd time line” on Friday, December 7th.  Medium Joao in Entity looked well, and everything appeared to be normal.  He looked warm and friendly and in good health, and went through our stack of photos and assigned herbs as needed.  Little did we — and we assume did he — know that this could perhaps be the last time, after over 5 decades of dedicated service to millions of people, that he would function in this capacity at the Casa de Dom Inacio … 🙏  In the evening of that same day, very disconcerting news about John of God began to spread around the globe.  Even if you have not yet heard, we must assume that you undoubtedly will at some time soon, and we would like to pre-empt this unpleasant experience with this note of hope and confidence.   

Much has happened since then, and there are very hopeful developments that we want you to know about. We feel that positive messages need to find their way into the world, to compensate for the negativity being spread about at this time.   

This is an update from our personal experience at the Casa de Dom Inacio as of 20 December 2018: 

There is much work being done in the Realm of Unlimited Potential to deal with this deplorable situation!  It has been said, "Out of the ashes, something new will arise!”  And this is happening!  

We all know that the (spiritual) healing center here continues to have its many hundreds of (spiritual) “doctors,” working around the clock on those who seek help.  And the major Entities that used to incorporate into Medium Joao are also still here and continue to “supervise” the activities.  What has happened is that their "physical acting channel" (in worldly terms comparable to the "Chief Executive Officer") has been accused of misdeeds … 

The time of spiritual leaders, whom the world often calls “Gurus,” is coming to an end.  We are reaching a new development stage where each person must take responsibility and ask for help, and trust that it can be given.  For this healing center this means that we must ourselves invoke the help from the Realm of Unlimited Potential, which loving Casa Entities abundantly offer

In the Casa de Dom Inacio this is now beautifully being implemented:  

— The current rooms are functioning as they always did, except that the sessions are shorter (typically 2 hours).  
— The “lines” (1st time, 2nd time, and revision) are still being called, but people now beautifully and appropriately pass by sacred insignia and place their written prayer requests in a large basket.  They then receive a cup of blessed water, presented by one of the devout Casa volunteers, and move on to the “intervention” room, where they sit in silence and prayer and meditation for about half an hour.  
— After a final prayer, people can then go to receive the blessed soup, as usual. 
— People can 
decide, on their own, to purchase crystal bed sessions, have massages, sit in meditation on the Casa grounds, and go to the sacred waterfall.

— People can also decide, on their own, to buy the energy-imbued herbs: they may directly go the the Casa Pharmacy, tender a self-written “prescription” (name, address, DOB, and healing request) and will then receive the herbs, for themselves or for loved ones, to take with the same diet recommendations as before.  

— People are invited to sit in silence, prayer and meditation on the casa grounds any time they wish.  

It helps to remind ourselves, in gratitude and appreciation toward the Casa Entities, of the countless transformations on people from around the world (we estimate well over 10 million) that have happened at this healing center over the past 5 decades. 

The energies are good, and the shortened process of focused attention in “current” is actually more congenial for many people to sit still and contemplate and beam light and love into the world.  The “new" Casa de Dom Inacio, its many volunteers, and thousands of local business and pousada owners and their employees and families, whose livelihood is derived from the Casa de Dom Inacio, welcome your continued patronage of this refreshed 
unique healing center, which offers possibilities of profound personal transformation on all levels of being, as well as valuable retreat time in peace and quiet for recuperation, contemplation, and re-creation

Please feel free to pass this on to your contacts, as you seem fit.  Pray for the Casa volunteers, who need support and encouragement for their important work. Pray for the man Medium Joao and for a fair judiciary process.  Blessings

Klaus and Gundi


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