The following photos are just a few examples of orbs with discrete, hard to refute messages.


Many of the photos used in the above examples are from readers of our books who kindly told us about their experiences in orb photography and the meaning of their photos as it relates to points we made in our books "The Orb Project" and "Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope."  We thank the contributors to the following photos and note:

(1) Photo courtesy of Renee Pisarz (story in "Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope")

(2) Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Blaessing (Bonn, Germany)

(3) and (4) Photos courtesy of Reza Ansari

(5) Photo courtesy of Ken Smith and Katrina -- note that another orb in the photo had "conventional" round contours

(6) Photo courtesy of Frank Kvitta & “Electronmike” (2012)

(7) Photo courtesy of Titica (Graz, Austria) -- this photo is astounding in its clarity; we have seen numerous similar photos that corroborate the analysis that these "fairy"-like features are likely caused by the intended movement of one orb during the photographic exposure

(9) We took this photo in Hude, Germany.  Our analysis includes that the intelligence behind orbs favorably uses background features such as to minimize the energy required to imprint this orb on the photo charge plate. (Details in "Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope" and also here).

(11) We took this photo in a large auditorium, approximately 50 yards from the stage, with a x3 telephoto lens. 

(14) Photo courtesy of Reza Ansari -- due to the daylight situation in a room with much non-uniform features, the orbs are somewhat difficult to see, but 6 orbs can clearly be seen (one for each participant of the AWE retreat held in this room).

(15) The photographer, Freda Chaney, immediately recognized two female faces in this orb.  This enticed her to read the book on which the orb was attached, and she learned astounding similarities between the life of the author and her own life, leading to a life-saving realization.  (Details in "Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope" and in a book forthcoming by Freda Chaney).

(16) Photo courtesy of Melissa Horton.

(17) Photo courtesy of Isabella Lawira.

(18) Photo courtesy of Jeanne Marie Brennan.

(19) Photo courtesy of Melissa Davenport -- more about this astonishing report of a child playing with an orb can be found here.

(21) Photo courtesy of Kristin Novljan, Austria.

(22) Photo courtesy of Erich Hunter, Ph.D.

(23) Photo courtesy of Cindy Au

(24) Photo found in "Spiegel on-Line" 7/15/14. Two other photos in the same article showed an orb in similar size. The combination of distance of the camera from the soccer players, the high-power telephoto lens used, and sharpness of the orb contours unquestionably places the orb to within 3 feet from the persons, far away from the camera, and determines that it was about 4" in size.  

Current Results and Working Hypothesis:

  • Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics (Authenticity of Orb Photos )

  • They are emanations from intelligent life outside of the conventional physical realm

  • We must use discernment ( Example of Artefactual Orbs )

  • They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement)

  • They can move extremely fast ( possibly at unlimited speed )

  • They move in discrete steps ( possibly Quantum-steps )

  • They have individualistic features and may have "faces"

  • They appear to show with facial features primarily to those who are inclined to see them

  • They can follow instructions (Stereo-Photography with Orbs )

  • They appear to be highly intelligent

  • They can expand (possibly to infinite size) and contract (possibly to atomic size) extremely fast

  • Their intelligence and ability of extreme contraction and expansion at infinite speeds allows for the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing

  • Thought projections look similar to orbs (Photos of Orbs and Thought Projections)

  • They appear to want to communicate to us through their appearance and location in photos

  • Their messages appear to be benevolent and helpful to individual people and mankind at large

  • In videos they demonstrate that they can penetrate through walls and re-appear at a different location

All information in this website is copyrighted.  11/2015

All information in this website is copyrighted.