PHENOMENA: Code of the Grand Original Design

From Spirit Orbs to UFOs to Spirit-Directed Healing
Looking at Phenomena and what they tell us

Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.
and Gundi Heinemann

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2019 - 179 pages - 52,000 words

In preparation

The Western world is living in a technology-driven paradigm that prides itself in the denial of anything that cannot be scientifically proven. Yet our lives are full of phenomenological experiences, which causes cognitive dissonance.

Spirit orbs, photographic abnormalities, apparitions, crop circles, UFOs, ETs, how “real” are they? Are they all very different occurrences that have nothing in common? This question is the underlying thesis of this book. The book discusses that there is a surprising commonality among these and other phenomena. There is a paramount purpose why we see them: making us aware that the Unseen Reality exists and desires and provides healing and well-being of the individual and the planet.  

With numerous examples of phenomena, this book gives a credible account of a realm beyond our world. A field of unlimited potential invites us to continuously be in awe and wonder and inspires us about the mystery of the Grand Original Design of everything that is, within which we humans are co-creators. It communicates to us with a diversity of phenomenological experiences. In doing so, it adapts to the unique way in which we individual humans can best receive its messages.

The authors, a physicist and former research professor with a career in surface physics and electron microscopy at atomic resolution, and an educator and healing arts practitioner, are known for their leading-edge research into the orb phenomenon. Dr. Heinemann co-authored (with Dr. Miceal Ledwith) the pioneering book “The Orb Project.” He also co-authored, together with his wife Gundi, the successor book “Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope.” They also published “Expanding Perception,” on which this book builds. 

Klaus, who wrote most of the analytical portions of this book, looks at phenomena with a heightened sense of realism. He agrees that there is an overwhelmingly high probability that conscious, extraterrestrial life exists on many planets in the Universe, but he argues that the probability of physical two-way contact interaction between any of them is essentially zero and that, consequently, UFOs and ETs must be considered to be phenomena. An argument that UFO/ET experiences might possibly be related to a parallel universe can, however, not entirely be excluded.

The authors conclude that many of the phenomena we may be experiencing are intended to awaken in us the confidence that the Unseen Reality provides life energy to us and sustains life at large. 

The readers’ lives will be improved when they understand the intelligence and compassionate intent behind the phenomena which they are fortunate to experience.

This book is easy to read; the only prerequisite for optimum benefit from its contents is an open mind.


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