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This page is intended to be a forum for thoughtful conversations about topics discussed in the book “Phenomena - Code of the Grand Original Design.”

We invite persons who have read the book, or its synopsis, to contact us with thoughts, comments or questions concerning any aspect of the book that is of importance to them. We intend to list submittals in chronological order below and add a response, if we feel guided and qualified to do so.

These “Conversations” are written like a blog. We will add new entries at the top, which will push the rest further down.

We started on 4/28/2019 with a submittal by Dr. Stanislav O’Jack of 11/10/2018.
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1 May 2019, by Stanislav O’Jack:

Your book is an extraordinary experience, one with both acceptance and opposition.
1: I began reading the translated work by Lovell of Frederich Schiller’s outstanding thoughts when I was twelve (12) years old while studying with the elders of The Theosophical Society.
2: Years ago, I watched a video of an object floating across the crop fields of England while it created authentic crop circles
3: I met Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in person in 1974 wherein I asked him if UFOs existed, and his replay was “Mr. They followed us to the moon, they were there when we landed, and they followed us back to Earth.”
4: In 1984, I was within an UFO on the ground within 100 feet of me, and I have had four (4) other close encounters.
5: Dr. Steven Greer is a member of The Baha’i Faith. We have met several times as related to his lectures.
6: In 1945, during WW11, while I was in Panama, Mother Mary manifested in the daylight sky, and said to me that Jesus had returned.
7: In the Baha’i Writings it is stated “ Every star in the heavens has its own fixed planet, and each planet has its own creatures.”
8: In the Alchemist Paracelsus model that he had put forth: “Space is not a nothing that separates us, it is crystallized energy that connects us. There is no such thing as separation. It has to do with density.”
9: As found in some of the released secret data of our country, there is a photograph of a man named Valiant Thor who was from another galaxy who was here to influence the prohibition of recklessly employed Atomic power.

Klaus’ response: I welcome your thoughts, including “opposition.” You for sure had had a wealth of phenomena experiences in your life so far! Many of the directly corroborate my understanding as presented in this book.
What we are talking about is not an exact science — all we can do is present our best judgment, i.e., that which makes most sense in our personal current understanding of Reality. Within this context, I prefer to stay away from argumentation that is based on religious belief. The concept of parallel universes is not only proposed by Baha’i Faith, but also by Spiritism (Allan Kardec; Chico Chavier) and channeled wisdom by the ancient spiritual entity Ramatis. There is also interesting “semi”-scientific confirmation of this concept, such as by Dr. Miceal Ledwith, who, in our joint book “The Orb Project” (2007), showed a photo that seems to indicate a “torsion”-transition effect connecting to a parallel universe. Nonetheless, until more evidence is available, I tend to err on the more conservative side in this issue, as it pertains to this book, with which we also want to reach honest skeptics — our current universe is quite large enough …
Indeed, I had also heard about the crop circle formation explanation you mention; but a conclusion that the UFO observed in this context is anything other than a phenomenal perception as described in our book is, as I see it, not persuasive to me.
Your 1945 vision appears to confirm the manifestation “mechanism” described Chapter 4.2 (Apparitions).
Your mentioning Paracelsus is interesting. I had more placed him in the context of Nostradamus but concur with your statement! However, I am not qualified to voice an opinion on Paracelsus and Valiant Thor.

28 April 2019

On 10 November 2018 Dr. Stanislav O’Jack submitted a very thorough and thoughtful 5500-word foreword, which we had to substantially shorten for inclusion in the book. Below we list the deleted segments. Each segment is one or more paragraphs and is prefaced with a brief introduction as to where in the abbreviated, published version of the foreword it was placed. The paragraphs were numbered for clarity. (We deleted primarily for brevity and secondarily for content with which we either do not entirely concur or which we feel is too far apart from the subject of the book).

We welcome thoughtful responses, asking to preface them with the respective paragraph number(s) to which they relate.

  • (1) The definition of a butterfly metamorphosis, and as a metaphor applied to we humans, is the transition from birth of an egg (a fetus) to that of a caterpillar larva (a child), then progressed to the transition pupa stage (human adolescence) and ultimately to the adult reproductive butterfly-state (human adulthood) wherein eggs, (new bits and bytes of new knowledge) are implanted with new levels of consciousness and awareness in humans via a Prophet, a specifically selected human who has been downloaded with updated data, in keeping with the progressive development of our species, a process that is achieved, and guided by, The Unknowable Source GOD aka "Grand-Original-Design."

  • (2) The numerous photographs, as an apparent catalyst for "new thought," taken by both Klaus and his co-author, Micael Leadwith, as displayed in their book "The Orb Project" and in Klaus and Gundi’s book "Orbs – Their Mission and Messages of Hope" reveal many different shapes, forms and even faces (much like we humans have) wherein one of the photographs is a mist-like image appearing in the shape of a human-like form.

  • (3) The latter brings to my mind a photograph taken in Russia of a human who was dying. The body had been placed on a bed that contained a weight measuring device, and upon this person's calculated-to-be demise, the scale showed a change in weight of 9.63 grams, wherein a mist was seen rising from the body and which appears to have been, or was, interpreted as to indicate that the nonphysical something, deemed the non-sensory element titled the "soul," does exist, and that it does have density. It, the “misty” soul, therefore, is a “real something” and not a “nothing,” as put forth by many humans and as found postulated in many disciplines.  An alchemist named Paracelsus in circa 1500 AD stated that "Space is not a nothing that separates us, but rather, it is crystallized energy, a something that connects us.” The latter, in combination with the recording of a security camera in a hospital emergency room wherein was recorded a “misty” form similar to that of a human body slowly rising out of the dying person’s body and that disappeared into the ether, now offers science et al a new "view" of an old known/unknown something called the soul. Almost daily, I have seen a similar mist manifest and move from my right to my left, and as soon as I attempt to focus upon it, it disappears. I am 91 years old, and as yet do not have to wear glasses.

In the following, Dr. O’Jack elaborates on the authenticity of the person (his deceased wife) who visited him in the credible apparition phenomenon he experienced, as described in the foreword in the book:

  • (4) First, the following is for clarification as related to the forthcoming. My present wife Helen, whom I call HO'J (her initials that sounds like the name Hodge; the name HO'J is based on the sound of the Turkish word Hajj which means that person who has been on pilgrimage to the Holy Land), speaks English plus German, and who now is studying Spanish, and who, therefore, can/does pronounce my first name Stanislav correctly (Stah the "a" as in father, the "ni" as in “knee” and “slav” as in “Slavish,” thus Stah-knee-slav = Stanislav). My now deceased wife Jamal (birth name Dorothy) could never pronounce my name Stanislav correctly, so she called me ”Stan.”  HO'J, also as Jamal was, is a licensed ACSW doctorate-level social worker, and is a person who studied Native American Folklore for about three years. HO'J not merely believes, but knows that there is an afterlife as also as put forth in her Mennonite Religion ancestry. HO'J and I openly discuss what may be aspects of the afterlife of us humans.

Stanislav then elaborates on (somewhat controversial) Russian research; and he then leads into the topic of parallel worlds and realities with different densities. This is a subject matter which we have been guided not to address in the book and to delete from its foreword, but we welcome their discussion in these “Conversations.”

  • (5) It was then that I saw the Russian research article regarding the weight of the soul as being 9.63 grams.  A few days later, I read about Russia's Dr. Krokalov's research experience wherein he had, with 5 ASA film and an old Graphflex camera, successfully photographed images of an alcoholic's delusions stemming/exiting from the person's eyes as conjoined and related to the recording of the alcoholic's voice on a cassette-tape, wherein there was a perfect overlay of the photographs and of the content of the person’s recorded voice.

    (6) In Theosophy, it is said that both the human’s eyes and ears are two-way systems: images and sounds occur both in/out. Back in about 1970-1980, I was at a gathering of Baha’is that included the physical presence of a friend named Jimmy Seals of the popular singing-duo “Seals and Crofts.” Jimmy approached me and asked, “Do you want to hear something?”, to which I replied, “of course.” He then began to whistle a familiar-to-me tune and simultaneously began to hum a totally different familiar tune wherein the cadence of each tune differed. Was one tune initiated by the rote-responding brain and the other by the creative mind, and is the latter a question of density and/or parallel worlds, or both? Then there is the phenomenon of Ted Serios who could, on demand, successfully imprint on the film of a Polaroid camera with his eyes a photograph he was given with which to do the film-imprinting. Is the latter a question and/or result of space density and ranges?

The following is a wealth of additional experiences with phenomena by Dr. O’Jack:

  • (7) I am a Veteran of WW II - a former member of the Merchant Marines who had traversed all three (3) major World War II War Zones – the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.  During my time in WWII service, I had three (3) NDEs (Near Death Experiences). World War II officially ended in October of 1951. Even though it was the Merchant Marines who had delivered seventy five percent (75%) of all military equipment and supplies throughout the world in the face of attacks by the enemy and through violent seas, and had the greatest loss-of-life per capita – one out of every 26 seaman (the Marines had one out of every 32 men lost) – a the Merchant Seaman never received any Veteran benefits until circa 1986, after I had already completed all my studies at/in nine different Colleges and Universities – seven full time and two part time. Thus, I paid my way through the educational systems by working in the general construction industry, wherein I served five apprenticeships in all its trades, and did so with which to pay my way through the various schools and studies, and thus furthered my development in the element of human “Steadfastness.” The latter was seemingly an event of chance or “Synchronicity,” which Dr. Carl Jung defined as “that which is guided by the Hand of God.” 

    (8) It was then while working in the various construction trades and learning the process of making different densities of concrete, which entails the passing of sand and gravel (different size pebbles and grains) through various mesh-hole screen-sizes, that I had a practical example of "parallel worlds" as put forth in Theosophical literature folklore, and as in the recent extrapolation of current science “truisms?” regarding space-density, and also in some of the current non-science “paranormal” paradigms, and as explained, as previously stated, by Alchemist Paracelsus circa 1500 AD who had related that "Space is not a nothing that separates us, but rather it is a something. It is crystallized energy that connects all of us.” Therefore, each human is tantamount to being one miniscule cell of the entire species wherein communication between both the dead and the alive person is telepathically instantaneous, which then may or may not explain what reincarnation is really about. 

    (9) Based on all or most of the latter, it appears to imply that regarding each biological cell (such as I am one cell of the total Homo sapiens species), it can be deduced that the gossamer-appearing or "real" Orbs captured on film by Klaus, Micael and other people, are real cell-entities of different alive entity varieties in different densities and of different ranges, some a few and others many, depending on their size, wherein some are ones that can pass through an infinite number, or just one, of specific mesh-size screen holes, aka densities and ranges, that today many individuals in Science and non-Science call parallel worlds, and in religion is considered to be The Infinite Density of the stratum deemed Infinity. Thus, is “time warp” merely a state of density?

    (10) The individual souls of humans differ from that of the animal forms. In the “100th Monkey” theory adopted circa 1970s, there is a concept that had been proposed as a reality, because of an incident seen and collaborated by two different groups of investigating anthropologists as observed and cross-communicated on/from two different islands in the Pacific, wherein the change in the behavior of one monkey regarding the washing of food that had been initially clumsily dropped in the sand, and then accidently cleansed and then eaten, it states that “A change in a specific behavior of merely one monkey, or in merely one animal of one specific species, creates a change in that entire species.” It was observed that the witnessed new-behavioral-change of one monkey was immediately adopted by all of the same species, because the new data of change were registered in the collective soul of the entire species, wherein a new behavioral brain-icon had immediately induced a new behavior in that entire species. In contrast, we humans have our own single/individual soul/mind (brain is in the skull which is tantamount to being a computer that stores information in its brain-cells information that become a rote reply (maintains the good health of the body and does healing processes, and the creative Mind in the soul is the creative Programmer that sends the data to the brain).

    (11) Thus, we humans have the privilege to exercise volition with which to decide to struggle and to willingly/personally/independently make a change-advancement. I do not know, as yet, if the latter applies equally to entities who exist in/on other planets. In the Baha’i writings there is a passage that states “Every star in the Universe has its own fixed planet, and each planet has its own creatures.” Aka Aliens? According to NASA Planetary Scientist Dr. Jennifer Helimann, there are billions of planets in merely our Universe, so, I ask, how many creatures are there then? The wife of a Chinese Government Official said that she had been abducted and taken to Mars. She related/stated that Mars was “very beautiful!” Whistle-blower Corey Goode said that he had been inducted into a Secret USA Government program while in his late teens so as to be a member of a special group wherein he had been sent to, and where he had worked, on Planet Mars for circa twenty (20) years, and then when he was returned to Planet Earth.  His total physical-self was changed via a process deemed “time-warping regression” back to his teenage-time before he was sent/taken to Mars. I often wonder if aliens who travel to planet Earth do so for the same reason that we humans travel for a fun-time to, i.e., Disney Land?

    (12) Again, as an emphasize, we humans have the inherent built-in privilege of “volition” in our present realm-density of existence, wherein we possess the element or characteristic that permits us to make our own decisions for any and all things. However, in the next density-realm, purportedly, there is said to be no opportunity for volitional decision-making, and that we exist on what we bring with us (knowledge and intent) and wherein only the good exists.  So one’s spiritual next-density-“pension” (used as a metaphor) in the next world is directly related to the spiritual wealth of the previously exercised goodness of peace, love, harmony, equality of genders, and respect for races that we bring with us in the transition from the density-of-senses to the infinite existence in the realm of the density of non-senses. No play on words meant here. However, originally, the word “non-sensory,” as related to purported religious truisms, but the non-religious people combined the two aspects of the word into one word ”nonsense,” so as to deride religious teachings.

In the following segment Dr. O’Jack adds an interpretation of the phenomenal phone calls he received, and which were included in his foreword, and of numerous other phenomena he experienced:

  • (13) So, I have often asked myself, “From which dimension did the calls originate? Which density? Is this an example of time warp?” Science discusses major densities of gas, liquids, solids and condensates, also plasma. So how many densities are there?  Infinite? The above telephone calls were/are as confusing (and enjoyable) to me as it was when my five-year old son named Jesse asked to speak to me one day. He asked, “Dad, did you know that today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and today is tomorrow’s yesterday?”

    (14) As I interpret and experience them, here are some examples of a few densities. In the evening when I prepare myself for sleep, I sit comfortably on my favorite soft, #1 touch-density couch in our bedroom and face South East. I then begin to contemplate, #2 Density, which is what to think about. I then say, Density #3, a series of prayers for both the living and the dead. After prayers, I begin, Density #4, my long-term process of meditation. The next process is Density #5, sleeping. Density #6 is dreaming various forms/kinds of dreams, and Density #7 is visions. Then there are the densities #8, NDEs (Near Death Experiences), #9 of OOBEs (Out of Body Experiences), #10 of lens capped photography, and the densities of education, information, taste, sound, music, sight, colors, delusions, sanity, insanity, orbs, parallel worlds, and #ad infinitum.

Dr. O’Jack is a devout follower of the Baha’i Faith, as the following segment exhibits:

  • (15) In 1945, while still in the Merchant Marine Maritime service and when traversing the Panama Canal, Mother Mary appeared in the sky (I do not now recall if I had been awake, asleep or in an altered state) and told me that Christ had returned, and also said something that sounded like the words “sea” and “call “and also a Spanish sounding word like “paragora” –   and thus the impetus began for a new accelerated religious search beyond that of what I had learned in my Theosophical Society studies. The new impetus conjoined to the ultimate discovery of The Baha’i Faith, whose time-wise onset is equal to, or parallels with, all ancient and recent prophesies of “The Return,” as being one of a collective-all-religions’ fulfillment of a new or returned Prophet of God, excited me. In 1976 when I had my first Baha’i pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel, I heard about Prophet Baha’u’llah’s imprisonment in the deep underground prison named ”The Siyah Chal” (phonetically: “sea” and “cal”) and about the 100 pound chain around Baha’u’llah’s neck that was called by the name “Qara-guhar” that, for me, sounded like the above “paragora.” I had recorded the latter in my 2.5”x 4.0” x 0.5“ Christian New Testament that had been given to me upon my completion of Basic Training.  The later are more examples of the density and ranges of events in my life experiences.

Following the report of phenomenal charging of batteries in his hands, witnessed by his friend Dr. Claude Swanson, Dr. O’Jack expands on contemporary developments in ufology and remote viewing.

  • (16) As to Claude’s question, “How could I be so stupid?”, my answer was, “Easy!  My idol is Don Quixote!” “To dream the impossible dream.”  My friends call me a “Pollyanna,” since my exercised positive intent is to see only the good in others, in life general, and in that what people call “miracles” wherein the latter is just plain common sense that current density and ranges of knowledge are what Science cannot as yet adequately explain.

  • (17) As another aside, today, I was watching “Chanel 648” on our TV, the program of Ancient Aliens,  and it had a short clip of the English computer-hacker Gary McKinnon, who stated that in the secret computer files of the USA was a statement about there being sixty (60) different alien races visiting planet Earth.  A few months ago, again on TV, there was a clip regarding Valiant Thor (his appearance resembled that of a James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan) who was representing a collective Galaxy Council or Interplanetary Congress, or an organization similar to that of Earth’s UN, about why earth is visited by aliens. It appears that he, Valiant Thor, was here as a Space-Mediator, so implied, during the last three years of the Eisenhower administration. The concern by entities from other Planets was that we on Planet Earth have been putrefying the protective ozone layer(s) and whatever else too, that could or is also having a negative effect on other planets in our galaxy too. In the Rocket Minor newspaper article today, it was stated that the intervention by many UN Countries in the act of curtailing and in the total elimination of the use of man-made chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), such as in aerosol sprays and refrigerants, has stopped (and chemical cloud-seeding too?) and has brought about a repair of the ozone layer such wise as the ozone layer above the Northern Hemisphere should be completely repaired by the 2030s, and the gapping Antarctic ozone hole should disappear circa 2060s. Therefore, the ice will stop melting and the sea levels will change again. I wonder if the latter was done as influenced by Valiant Thor?

    (18) I will now conclude my Obsessive-Compulsively presented “Foreword” for Klaus’s new book “Grand Original Design” with the following two seemingly applicable delineated density-ranges events:  # 1 –  perhaps a Synchronism and the other, # 2, a historic event regarding the late Ingo Swann and a Remote Viewing experience.

    (19) #1: Last Sunday on the Good Morning TV Show, was displayed a recorded footage done by some Astronomers that showed an object traversing the density and ranges of space.  It was long and narrow in shape, and its midsection height was as tall as that of the New York’s Empire State building. It was traveling at a calculated speed of 196,000 mph. The latter is the first-time-ever publicly stated by an Astronomer that the unknown object was spoken about as being an UFO.

    (20) #2: During the time of the early 1970s that Ingo Swann was involved in a USA Government Sponsored Program, one both designed, organized and overseen by Physicists Dr. Hal Putoff and Dr. Russell Targ of/at Stanford University, as I recallwherein Ingo (considered the “Father/Originator” of remote viewing was asked to travel via RV  (Remote Viewing) to the dark side of the moon. When Ingo arrived there, he saw numerous creatures (Aliens and/or visitors from Planet Earth?) mining for minerals. He was so stunned and so fearful as to what he had seen that he immediately returned to the “conscious state” and immediately refused to RV the dark side of moon again.

    (21) The above shared information regarding densities and ranges as related to Ingo Swann’s  RVs (Remote Viewing events), and as related to the “densities and ranges” of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, thought, dreams, visions, and all else that I have shared regarding all of the above as related to Orbs, Parallel Worlds, and etc., has been done as a form of a preview, a preparation, a conditioning for the forthcoming eye-opening “Grand Original Design” manuscript/book that actually may be, or perhaps is, a Heinemann NASA-Consultant background expose in keeping with the current process of our own governmental incremental increase in the release of utile Alien-oriented anciently-old information.


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