Phenomena Stories Experienced at the Casa de Dom Inacio

We have personally experienced numerous unique phenomena in connection with the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil.  We are excerpting the following from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design." 


Do not be afraid!  Do not worry! A prophetic message for 2012

It happens only once in a hundred years that the calendar and the clock present only the numeral "1." For some people this is a very symbolic and significant number. On 11/11/11 Joao de Deus was in the middle of a healing event in Alsfeld, Germany, where about 3,000 people went through the lines to be seen by the good Entities working through him.  Many of these people were deeply worried about the upcoming year 2012, how it would unfold and what to make of the numerous doomsday predictions that had been forecast for that auspicious year.  

We were in current that morning, seated not far from Joao de Deus in Entity, such that we could perceive everything that was going on.  At a few minutes past 11:00 AM, the Entity made a loud announcement that was translated as follows:

“Open your eyes, please,” he said. 

It was very unusual that the Entity would communicate that way to the people in current. It is customary to have the eyes closed during the entire current session, so that the meditation/concentration is optimized and not interrupted with third-dimensional diversions of attention.  This way, the healing Entities are said to best be able to use the people seated in current to help with the proceedings.

The line of people passing by the Entity had come to a stop.  He continued, “We know that many of you are very worried about what the coming year will bring.  Will the dire problems for mankind that so many books predict come about?  How bad will it be?  Will humankind survive? We are happy to tell you that you will not have to worry! There have been positive shifts that will portend the continuation of life and societies on Earth, and the challenging predictions you find in many writings will not come to pass. We thank you for being instrumental in implementing this shift, and we ask you to continue this good work.”

"Anecdotal" interest in a radio interview 

Once again, this story attests less to the healing power one can experience at the Casa de Dom Inacio than to the realness and astuteness of the Entities, or the astonishing sequence of anekdotal coincidences, as skeptically oriented readers might call it:

Klaus' note book entry of Feb 25, 2011:  “It was unquestionably one of the most profound Casa sessions of current I had experienced to date. When it was over, I thought it had just begun.  There had been crowds of people wanting to see the Entity, and we expected current to last until about 11:30, or later.

But it was finished already at 10:30. We joined the unusually long line waiting for the blessed soup.  It was pouring at a rate of about 1 inch/hr.  The soup line moved surprisingly fast.  While we had our soup, the rain lessened, and we decided to walk home.  When we walked by the taxi stand, we looked at each other and at the rain, which had picked up a bit, and we made the once in years decision to take a taxi after all -- thinking this might save us having to dry our white outfits after the 7-minute walk to our house in the warm rain.  Usually we would let a taxi driver drop us about 100 feet or so before our house, where he can easier turn around.  This one insisted to drop us right at the doorstep. So we got up paid, and when we opened the door, the phone was ringing.

Gundi quickly made her way inside and announced, “Someone wants to talk to Dr. Heinemann.” Strange, I thought, that's not quite how I am known here in Abadiania.  I take the receiver, and the man at the other end says, “Dr. Heinemann, I'm calling a couple of minutes early, so we can set the sound levels.  You will be on the air in three minutes with Host Joy Riley!”

And then it dawned on me -— the radio show that was set up weeks ago! They had insisted they would call me regardless where I would be, to be on their show about Orbs. I had totally and completely forgotten about it.

Well, the Entities had divinely orchestrated everything to the minute, so the Interview would take place and I would have just enough time, still 3 minutes, to collect myself, to realize that obviously the Entities wanted this show to happen and would thus give us their full support; to get Gundi “working” with her meditative support, and to then start the live show on Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope, with supposedly a large audience, predominantly from a Christian belief background.

Needless to say that the show did go well.

Ron Roth as Entity?

Our former spiritual teacher Ron Roth, who succumbed to a stroke in June, 2009, had been like a brother to Medium Joao de Deus.  During his tree visits to Abadiania, to which he brought over 200 Celebrating Life Ministries* followers, he held healing services jointly with Joao de Deus and was by his side at numerous healing events.  His 2005 visit culminated with a memorable celebration in which Bishop Ron Roth ordained Medium Joao as a priest.

Close to the anniversary of Ron’s passing, we were at the end of yet another one of our visits to the Casa de Dom Inacio, and I recorded the following experience in my diary:

Friday, 6/18/2010.  Gundi and I, one last time for this stay in Abadiania, went through the “Segunda Vez" line at the Casa de Dom Inacio, to say good buy and thank you to the Entity for the wonderful healing we had experienced.  Our hearts were full of gratitude for the numerous obvious signs of healing we, our group members, and quite a few of those dear to us near and far, had experienced during our 4 1/2-week stay in this vortex of divine love.

The line was moving slowly, giving us time to reflect on the wondrous attention we had already received, and thinking about what we had in our hands to present to the Entity.  There was yet another picture of a loved one who is in dire physical challenge and had begged, in an e-mail received just a few hours earlier, to receive the divine energy-impregnated medicine.  And there was yet another request of a personal nature each of us were intending to present to the Entity, and then there was a special gift the two of us had prepared to give to the Entity. 

The special gift was a DVD — the very same DVD which the two of us had prepared for Ron Roth's Celebration of Life on October 17, 2009, which took place at his favorite retreat center near Chicago, Ill.  It depicts many photos taken of Ron during his healing ceremonies at numerous events we had participated in during our 10-year journey with him as teacher and model. Several of the pictures show Ron with his "Brother" Joao de Deus, as he would say, during his stays in Abadiania. 

When we were just a few feet away from the Entity, the line completely stopped.  There were just a couple of people ahead of us — they were kind of short people, and we had full view of the scene in front of us.  The Entity, dressed as usual in a simple white shirt and white pants, was sitting on his simply decorated chair. His face was friendly smiling, and he was very attentive.  The man in front of him was a middle-aged Brazilian, dressed in dark clothing, and obviously in physical pain.

Then something very unusual happened: the Entity spoke fairly loud to him — albeit all in Portuguese, so we could not actually understand what he said — and the man stepped backwards by a few feet; then Joao said something else to him, and the man bent down — first a bit hesitant, then more. The Entity said something else, "mais, mais," (we did understand that: meaning “more, more!”), and the man bent further down; then he bent his knees, to the point of completely kneeling, then he easily stood up again.  The entity said something else to him, friendly smiling, and the man, obviously deeply touched, left the scene. He was healed, probably for the first time in years able to bend his body like you and we can.

This in and by itself may mean little to the reader who did not know Ron Roth.  Well, it did mean everything to us!  It was more than obvious!  This was exactly what Ron Roth had done many, many times during his healing services through-out the years!  Those of us who knew Ron would call it “the Ron thing." But then, get this, at that point in time this was not at allthe Entity thing.”  Not by any stretch of imagination! To our experience of perhaps 30 weeks in total in Abadiania by that time, and our knowledge of, and about how, the Entities work through Medium Joao de Deus, this had never happened before!  And even if it had, that would not have diminished the experience: the Entity made a person do the Ron thing!  That was Ron having come through! The Entity was none other than Ron Roth!

My note book continues: And then it was our turn to be one-on-one with the Entity. The interpreter verbalized what we had on our minds and then presented the DVD.  The Entity looked at us, smiled affectionately, and said something that Diego interpreted to us as “The Entity is very happy about this gift.” And then we were offered to sit in current to his right for the rest of the session


* Celebrating Life Ministries is the organization founded by Bishop Dr. Ron Roth (http://www.ronroth.com/home/paulinfo.cfm).  It is now headed by his successor, Paul Funfsinn. Ron Roth brought groups of over 100 people each in 2004 and 2005 to the Casa de Dom Inacio.  To this day he is revered by many of those Volunteers of the Casa whose heart he touched deeply.

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All information in this website is copyrighted.