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Some thoughts about UFOs and ETs  !!! NEW!!!

We are asking what the chances would be for highly evolved physical/biological life to exist, at this very point in cosmic time, anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond in the universe, and what the probability might be for humankind to be able to establish contact, i.e., physically meet up with them.  We conclude that there is an overwhelmingly high probability that many such highly evolved civilizations do exist elsewhere in the Universe, but that it will essentially never (with a probability of about 10-11) be possible for our human civilization to have physical encounters with any civilization outside of our planet.  Existence and being able to make contact are two very different propositions. The former is essentially certain, the latter is essentially impossible. 

There is an overwhelming record of credible UFO and ET encounters, and we conclude that they must all be considered of phenomenological nature.  Similarities with Spirit Orb phenomena are examined and striking, and we suggest that both classes of phenomena, Orbs and UFO/ET, are well-intended attempts of conscious beings on the other side of the veil to communicate help and well-being toward mankind. 
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Orbs in Video Recordings   !!! NEW!!!

Our research into the orb phenomenon that started in 2004 and led to the publication of our books “The Orb Project” (2007) and “Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope” (2010).  Both books are available in numerous languages.  At the time, orb photos were almost exclusively taken with dedicated “point-and-shoot” digital photo-cameras with CCD charge plates.  These cameras were (and are) readily available for about $100-200 and have a strong built-in flash.  Pictures were typically in the 1-3MB range.   More recently, the technical advancement and pricing reduction of smartphones and, in particular, video surveillance cameras enticed more and more people to purchase and use such video recording equipment, and people started seeing orb phenomena recorded with them. 

We have taken a closer look at orbs photos and footage obtained with iPhones and surveillance cameras and present our initial findings in this article.
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Some Reflections about Authenticity of Orbs   !!! NEW!!!

The subject of authenticity of orb recordings is of primary importance to critics. We have addressed this subject at length in our previous publications, including the books “The Orb Project” and “Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope.” In these publications, we have intuitively assumed the following Webster definition of what we mean when we talk about orb authenticity: “Worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact.” With regard to orbs, this has been understood by critics as meaning that an orb is authentic only if its appearance cannot be explained with conventional wisdom that is based on rigorous scientific research.  If, for example, it can be demonstrated that an orb-like feature can be explained as due to flash reflection at a dust particle near the camera lens, or a light reflection in the camera, or some other explainable camera or photographic defect, this feature would be categorized as “non-authentic.” Such non-authentic orbs would then be entirely discarded, and no meaning would be associated to them. In this Article we discuss that this criterion for authenticity of orbs is limiting and insufficient ....
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Conclusions from Research into Phenomena   !!! NEW!!!

In this article we first present recent developments in orb phenomena recordings with surveillance cameras.  We then attempt to draw conclusions from looking at commonalities between a wide spectrum of phenomena recordings, going far beyond just orbs and including other photographic phenomena and even vastly different phenomena such as crop circles, apparitions, and more.  Specifically, we look at a hypothesis that these are different attempts from conscious entities in the "reality beyond the veil" to get our attention for important messages. 
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Sounds and Colors   !!! NEW !!!

Sound therapy is a recognized form of therapy for certain health challenges. But the sound frequency that is most effective for one person is not necessarily the best for another person. We are all different, and some sounds are more congenial to us than others. Sound therapists will be able to narrow down the best frequencies for their clients.  Sound is structured in octaves.  For example, the basic octave of sounds, starting with the concert "a4" (440 Hz) and ending with the "a5" (880 Hz), contains 12 tones on which essentially all music is based. Sounds having a higher or lower frequency are simply an octave higher or lower, but essentially sound the same -- just like in soprano, tenor, or bass. Similar to sound, colors are also based on frequencies, only at much higher octaves. It can be shown that the visual spectrum of color waves is 40 octaves higher than the basic sound spectrum.  This allows to correlate sound tones with colors.  For example, an "a4" corresponds to the color orange, a "c4" to green, an "e4" to violet, and alike.  Such a correlation suggests that sound therapy could be likened to, or perhaps replaced with, color therapy -- a harmonic chord with a bouquet of flowers ...
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AWE -- Accelerated Well-being Experience: Why this name?

We chose this name for our Healing Guidance activities because we deeply resonate with the notion that every healing we humans experience -- in fact, the very cause that we are alive -- is an AWE-inspiring gift from the divine dimension. (Press here to read more).

"Why Visit the Casa de Dom Inacio"

In this article Klaus and Gundi candidly respond to the question:  "Why do you travel so often to Abadiania?" They describe how they first came to the decision to travel to Abadiania in 2004 with a large group of people associated with the spiritual teacher Ron Roth, and how this travel sparked an ongoing commitment to lead groups of people to experience first-hand the life-changing atmosphere in this small Brazilian town, where the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola is located.  (Press here to read the entire article or download it at no charge).

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"The Oneness Principle"

Klaus and Gundi elaborate on their understanding of the Oneness Principle:  "We Are One:  One Earth, One Humanity, One Reality, One Spirit."   They argue that following these principles rigorously requires re-consideration of our approach toward teaching and charging for spiritual healing offerings.  A spiritual healer is an instrument for the 4th-dimensional ("divine") healing energy (“prana”) to flow through to the patient.  Healing is based on energy that is free and abundantly available for everybody. Numerous "alternative healing" modalities are being offered, often at considerable 3rd-dimensional effort and expense to the recipient.  The challenge will be to differentiate between the teaching of a method for the patient to tap into the Field of Unlimited Potential and the patient's acceptance of the free healing energy when it comes to charging for these efforts.  (Press here to read the entire article or download it at no charge)

"The Orb Phenomenon: Bridging to the World Beyond?"

In late 2012 Klaus was approached by the Dean of the College of Psychic Studies in the UK to write a review article in the journal "Light" about our current understanding of the orb phenomenon.  The article was published in Light, Vol. 134, No. 1, Spring 2013, with this summary :
Since the advent of the digital camera, the proliferation of ‘light circles’ mysteriously appearing in photographs has risen to remarkable levels. These ‘orbs’ are now the subject of intense debate, and Dr Klaus Heinemann has become one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, drawn from his own personal work and dedication as revealed in his various publications, referenced in this article. For several decades,  Dr. Heinemann has concentrated on mending the commonly perceived rift between science and spirituality. We are delighted he has accepted our invitation to write this comprehensive update for Light in which he expresses his conviction that orbs are nothing less than emanations from spirit beings. (Press here for the entire article, including photos, or to download it at no charge).

"Healing Stories Experienced at the Casa de Dom Inacio"

We have personally witnessed numerous profound healing stories in conjunction with our work as Guides to the Casa de Dom InacioIn this article we present a few of them.  They are excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design."
Read stories about:

  • The contractor who was freed from his back pain

  • First-time experience of the powerful energies at the Casa de Dom Inacio

  • Release of Allergies and Scar Tissue

  • Powerful healing received from a distance

  • Manifesting Material Necessities

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"Phenomena Stories Experienced at the Casa de Dom Inacio"

We have personally experienced several convincing, unique phenomena around the Casa de Dom Inacio The following three stories are excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design."

  • Do not be afraid! Do not worry! A prophetic message for 2012

  • "Anecdotal" interest in a radio interview

  • Ron Roth as Entity?

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"Which Healing Modality is the Best?"

Should we sign up for a Reiki treatment?  Or Quantum-Touch?  Or Matrix Energetics, ... Pranic Healing, Yuen Method, which one is the best?  Which modality should I choose?  This is a common question people ask.  Understandably, they want the best, nothing but the best!  In this article, we discuss this question from the perspective of the difference between "third-dimensional" and "forth-dimensional" understanding.  Part of this discussion is excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design."

  • Differentiatingbetween Third-dimensional and Fourth-dimensional Reality

  • The Field of Unlimited Potential

  • Where does Healing Originate?

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"Differentiating 3rd and 4th-Dimensional Realities"

How important are the hand positions in Reiki?  The pills prescribed by John of God are inert ground passion flower leaves -- how can they heal?  Isn't blessed water nothing but H2O?  How can it be any better than Crystal Springs water?   Quantum-Touch or Matrix Energetics, ... or Pranic Healing, Reiki, Yuen Method -- which one is the "best" healing modality?  How should I pray?  How long do I have to pray for my wishes to come true?  These are common questions people ask.  In this article, we discuss them from the perspective of our understanding of the "3rd" and the "4th" dimensional realities.
(Part of this discussion is excerpted from our book "Expanding Perception -- re-discovering the Grand Original Design).

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Ancient hieroglyphs on the outside wall of the Library of Alexandria, Egypt

Ancient hieroglyphs on the outside wall of the Library of Alexandria, Egypt

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